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Our son has loved trains for as long as I can remember. Actually since he was one and a half, when his toy preference switched from dinky cars to Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. Ever since then, we’ve tried to allow him the space to explore that love. We gave him a train bedroom in our wee little bungalow and we decorated his first room at our last house with train paraphernalia. When we moved here and agreed to let him have a model railroad set in his bedroom…it seemed like a rustic industrial bedroom style would go hand-in-hand with that!

Home Made Lovely HANDy Boy's Bedroom Makeover

A Rustic Industrial Bedroom for Our Son and Teaching Him How to Paint!

rustic industrial bedroom makeover

Our son was actually chomping at the bit to paint over some childish painted on decals and the green trim that was left behind by the previous owners. He also owed me a few hours of work – for buying him the model trains – so I figured it was the perfect time to teach him how to paint!

Our Son's Room Before

Our Son's Room Before with Piglet

To make it easier for him, I showed him how to used one of my favorite painting tools – the HANDy Paint Pail. Because the strap is adjustable, it’s easy for each of us to make it fit our own hands. And the liners…oh how I LOVE those liners!  The liners make switching paint colors and cleaning up after a paint job a breeze! (Paint tool clean up has kind of been my arch nemesis, just ask Dean!)

Our Son Painting with the HANDy Paint Pail

Home Made Lovely and the HANDy Paint Pail

Aside from the paint (and model train table) everything in this room was brought with us from our previous house. The artwork was all in our son’s room before, or elsewhere in the house like the Let Me Be Singing DIY Art that used to be in our living room.

Rustic Industrial Bedroom for a Teenage Boy

Oh actually the bedding is new, but it was a gift months ago. (Our kids do their own laundry, including bedding. Thus the extra wrinkly duvet cover. Sigh.)

Our Son's Room bedding

The lamp was a hand me down from a friend and Dean and I have owned that dresser for over a decade.

Rustic Industrial Bedroom dress

Not only is our son’s room now freshly painted – with no more kiddie artwork – he also knows how to paint on his own! Now that’s a win-win.

Rustic Industrial Model Railroad Bedroom

Rustic Industrial Bedroom

Have you made over any rooms lately? Taught anyone else to paint? Have you tried the HANDy Paint Pail?


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  1. What a difference a coat of paint makes! It definitely makes the room feel more ‘grown up’. And I’ll take wrinkled bed covers if my kids washed their own bedding 🙂

    1. Lol. My kids have been washing their own laundry for a few years. The youngest was about 8 when we started teaching them how to do it.