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18 Rustic and Cozy Christmas Decor Ideas from Amazon

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My favorite look for the Holidays is definitely cozy and rustic. And I absolutely love to order things from Amazon because it’s so easy. So, here are some of my favorite rustic and cozy Christmas decor pieces from Amazon. 

As much as I love Christmas, I’m a big believer in not breaking the bank all at once for Christmas decor. So every year I like to add a couple of new Christmas decor items to my stash. Of course, farmhouse is my favorite style to decorate in for the Holidays. If you love that decor style too, here are some of my favorite rustic and cozy Christmas decor pieces from Amazon to make your home feel all farmhouse-y this Holiday season. 

18 Rustic and Cozy Christmas Decor Ideas From Amazon

Why Rustic and Cozy?

Over the years, I have experimented with changing my style for the Holidays. I ADORE rustic and cozy pieces mixed in with newer pieces, which basically equates to modern farmhouse style. But truthfully, I’ve sometimes felt like I should try something new, something more polished just because I’m a decorator. Because aren’t decorators supposed to like what’s new and modern? (My friend, I totally get sucked into the comparison game too!)

But when I go back and look at Christmas decor photos here on the blog, I find I always love the rustic charm of nostalgic Christmas colors and the warmth of cozy textures more than I ever loved the years I tried to make our decor all shiny and new.

So, last year, after our third Christmas in this house, I opened every single Christmas Rubbermaid tote and purged everything that was too shiny, too cold or just not rustic and cozy enough.

Which mean that this year, when I began to open the totes I was excited to see only the things I truly loved!


What if You Don’t Have a Lot of Rustic Cozy Decor yet?

Well, like I said, I’m not one for buying all our Christmas decor at once. I can’t even fathom how much that would cost! 

Instead, I have added a few new pieces each year. Basics like lit garlands, battery powered pillar candles, and all sorts of berry picks and sprays. After a few years, it really can start to fill out your Holiday decor stash!

rustic christmas centerpiece and mantel

18 Rustic and Cozy Christmas Decor Items from Amazon

If you’re looking for farmhouse style Christmas decor, beyond the basics from your local big box store, here are 18 rustic and cozy decor items that I love from Amazon. Just click on the photo to see the piece on Amazon! 

18 Rustic and Cozy Christmas Decor Ideas from Amazon

18 rustic and cozy decor ideas from Amazon

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Did you find anything you love? What farmhouse style Christmas decor are you still looking for this year?

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