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9 DIY Farmhouse Tables That You Can Make Yourself

It seems that everywhere you look these days, farmhouse tables are THE table for the dining room. Be it in an urban loft, a suburban bungalow or in its classic home (an actual farmhouse), this style of table is versatile, stylish and durable.
The only downside to farmhouse tables is that they often come with a steep price tag. But they don’t have to, just take a look at these…

9 DIY Farmhouse Tables That You Can Make for Yourself

9 diy farmhouse tables you can make yourself

Farmhouse Table Remix by East Coast Creative


Farmhouse Dining Table & Bench by Landlocked


Farmhouse Table Plans & Refinishing Tips by Perfectly Imperfect


aka design farmhouse table

Rustic Farmhouse Table by aka design


DIY Farmhouse Table by 1 Sew Green Mama


DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table by The Quaint Cottage


Farm Table Tutorial by Miss Mustard Seed


How To Build A Farmhouse Table by the little red house


Ana White Farmhouse Table by Home Made Lovely


Now the next time you see a farmhouse table with a hefty price tag, you can smile as you pass it by – and go create one all your own for much less!

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home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. Thanks for your post on farm tables. We have one that was purchased over 10 years ago, well before the price hike, thank goodness. I love that my kids have their “spots” to sit and I can see my daughters name carved into it from printing too hard when she was younger, my sons fork indents from when he wasn’t even old enough to speak well, each mark has a story, and we comment on them from now and then during our family dinners. That was exactly the reason I made the purchase long ago. I also like all the different pics you posted as I am struggling with my seating. I hate mine, and am trying to talk my hubby into a bench on one side (window side) and new chairs around the rest, he is not a bench lover. Anyway thanks so much, Sharon

    1. Oh Maria! It’s beautiful! The glass top is ingenious especially with kids and spills!

  2. I love when a rust farmhouse table is paired with really polished or upholstered chairs! And farmhouse tables would be great for life with small kids I bet. Thanks for the great ideas!


    1. Well the cracks are a slight nuisance with spills…but farmhouse tables do take A LOT of abuse!