In this post: How we creating some more pantry space in our kitchen with our rolling pantry shelves.

Shortly after we moved into this house almost two years ago, we gave the kitchen a bit of a makeover.

We painted the cabinets, added a breakfast bar, and used our Restoration Hardware Inspired shelves as a makeshift pantry.

rolling pantry shelves


After all, they seemed to fit the space.

The problem was that we didn’t originally design them to hold food. We designed them for books. With fixed shelves.

So they didn’t hold as many small food items as we wanted and they wouldn’t hold bigger, bulkier things like our ten-kilogram flour pails or even family-size cereal boxes either.

After tossing around a few pantry options including building an actual closet-like pantry, Dean built me one big new shelf for the same space in the kitchen.

rolling pantry shelves

Open shelving works for us. The kids know my system (almost everything is labeled) and there’s plenty of space for all the stuff that doesn’t fit in the cupboards.

white dishes and baskets on open kitchen shelving

For example, my spice storage looked a little something like this before.

old spice storage

Small spice canisters, and lots of extra spice packets. Because the whole packet wouldn’t fit into the small tins.


But now my spices look like this!

canning jar spice storage

keep spices in canning jars

All in alphabetical order! Hallelujah!

And my recipes, meal planning papers, and cookbooks all have an easily accessible home now too. Perfect for grabbing in a rush at dinner time.

recipe books on open pantry

Technically the shelves roll. But only if you push them really hard.

The type of casters we bought don’t have bearings so they’re tough to get moving.

metal shelf detail

This is good if you have adorable nephews like mine and you don’t really want the shelves being used as a push toy. 😉

We designed the shelving with metal shelves to keep them light and easy to clean.

metal and wood shelves

And we put some fake brackets on the top corners just for looks.

rolling cart shelf brackets

We were just waiting to find casters we liked – and the time to add them – before showing the shelves to you!


The kids getting sick this past weekend + being stuck at home = time to finally add casters and finish the job.


So what do you think? Do you have a decent built-in pantry at your house? Or have you had to find other options too?

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  1. LOVE this – thanks for the link to the casters, too. I like the mini mason jars for spices, too.

  2. l Love these shelves, Shannon! I even spied a cookbook on there that I have! Found you on IG the other day and now checking out your blog! It’s lovely! Would love to invite you to link up with us on Thursdays please 🙂 Hope your week is going great!

  3. Where are the black little baskets from? And what kind of structure is holding the spices? Did you made it or did you buy it?

    1. The black baskets are York Lyra Baskets and I ordered them on Amazon. The spices are on a metal shelf that Dean made, however a similar one could be made from wood.

    1. Not yet! It’s a ton of work to create the plan with the right measurements, etc. It’s tough to fit that into a day of homeschooling and blogging! I’ll get to it asap. So sorry.

    2. Hi! I love these and am trying to duplicate. Could you please just tell me the dimensions of the piece…depth, height, length please since the plans are not ready? Thanks!

  4. This shelving unit is just what I’m looking for, simple, customizable and clean. We’re redoing our laundry room to provide more storage. I was wondering if a tutorial was ever posted for this- my husband could probably figure out most of it, but was wondering about how you attached the sheet metal shelves, and I think I spied some metal pieces on the underside of the shelves also. Great unit, all around.

    1. To be honest? Time! It takes me awhile to draw the plans. And life has been incredibly busy. And now it’s time for me to enjoy the holidays with my family. So, it will be a bit longer.

  5. I love your rolling pantry shelves. Where did you find the step thing you have your spices displayed on? I want one.

    1. Unfortunately Dean made ours out of metal. We really should do a tutorial on how to make one from wood for y’all though!!!

  6. These are absolutely fabulous! I was wondering if you had time yet to do the measurements!

  7. That oversized basket!! I’ve been looking all over for something like that! Do you remember where it’s from?

  8. This is a great idea, and just might work for us, because our pantry is very small. Our pantry also designed funky. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to better utilize it. Thanks!!!