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In this post: Those nostalgic-looking red Christmas trucks are everywhere in Holiday decor lately. If you want that adorable little truck too, I’ve got you covered with this where-to-find-them shopping guide!

I found my own farmhouse red Christmas truck this past summer while I was out with Dean browsing one of his favorite country stores, TSC. And since I started sharing some snippets of our holiday decor this year on Instagram, I’ve been asked more than a few times where you can find one for your own holiday decor. So, I thought it would be fun and helpful to see what other versions might exist…and to round them up so you can get yourself one too!

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12 Nostalgic Christmas Tree Trucks for Your Holiday Decor

Where Did This Christmas Pickup Truck Thing Come From Anyway?

I’m honestly not one hundred percent sure where or when the red Christmas truck thing started. But it’s been showing up in small-scale and miniature in Christmas decor for at least the last several years. Especially in farmhouse and country style decor, although I have also seen it in other holiday decor styles too. 

I’m assuming the trucks are based on old-school Christmas tree lots and the adorable red pickup trucks that are often used for delivering Christmas trees. At least, that’s how it looks from timeless movies like Christmas with the Kranks and all sorts of Holiday movies (those shown on Hallmark especially). 

I think they’re just a sort of nostalgic throwback that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy. I know I can’t help but smile whenever I see one. And we could all use a little more warm and fuzzy in our day, don’t you think?

Where to Find 12 Red Christmas Tree Pickups for Your Holiday Decor!

Here are 12 – well, 13 ’cause I threw in an extra one just for fun! – red Christmas tree trucks you can get in time to use them in your Holiday decor this year!

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Did you see any red Christmas trucks you loved for you house this holiday season?

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