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In this post: Changing up decor colors is easy with these DIY rag balls. Toss them in a basket, tuck them into a shelf or add a few to a bowl on the table.

I am a pretty neutral girl. I mean most of my clothes are grey, brown or black. And my house – our house – is also pretty neutral with shades of white, cream, black, grey and brown.


But in the dark days of February I start to crave a little color. Usually pink. (Must be a girl thing.) But I know myself. It won’t last. It’s a temporary blip in the color radar. Which means I dare not make any permanent color changes. I dare not even paint anything colorful. Even paint is too much of a color commitment for me in February. But pillows and accents. Those I can handle.

DIY Rag Balls

Spring Rag Balls Act Justly print

Pillows and accents are temporary and easy.

That’s why I love these little rag balls so much.

I used to make and sell them like ten years ago. But that got tedious pretty fast.

I don’t do well with production work.

DIY rag balls

But to whip up a few in an afternoon? Pretty bearable.


DIY Rag Balls Supplies


1. Cut/rip fabric into strips about half an inch wide. Length doesn’t really matter.

Cut fabric strips

Tear fabric strips

Spring fabric strips

2. Apply a dot of hot glue onto Styrofoam ball.

hot glue styrofoam ball

3. Affix one end of fabric to hot glue. Then wrap around the ball and affix the other end to ball with more hot glue.

Hot glue fabric to styrofoam ball

Wrap styrofaom ball in fabric strips

Fabric rag balls step by step

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the Styrofoam ball is completely covered in fabric “rags”.

cotton and foam rag balls

Rag balls can be tossed into a bowl or basket or tucked in anywhere some color or texture is needed. Easy, cheap and fun!

P.S. Don’t worry the whole color thing won’t last long. I’ll be back to modern country neutrals before you know it. 🙂