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In this post: Mason jar lid pumpkins are the perfect little 5 minute craft to add some farmhouse style fall decor to your house!

These mason jar lid pumpkins are nothing new, we didn’t invent them. They’re all over Pinterest. We just jumped on the bandwagon and gave them our own little twist. Plus it was a fun craft to do with my girls. 

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How to Make Farmhouse Rustic Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

I haven’t done a lot of crafts with my girls in a long time. They just aren’t interested that often. One likes to draw and the other is a writer, so home decor crafts don’t happen with them often. But my girls and I whipped up these two pumpkins this morning in about 5 minutes. It was the perfect little craft to do with them because it was easy and quick. 

I had several lids from the last batch of mason/canning jars that I bought to make our pastel over gold mason jars this past summer. I also had a whole new case of mason jars that I picked up for Thanksgiving, which I plan to use on the table with those pretty daisy punched lids and striped straws, which makes the ring lids that came with pretty useless.

But if you don’t have any extra canning jar rings kicking around, Amazon actually sells just the rings here. You can even get the wide mouth rings to make larger pumpkins!

mason jar lid pumpkin

If you want to create colored mason jar lid pumpkins, you could simply spray paint your lids before you assemble the pumpkins. Any color can be used, of course, and you can distress them if you’d like by lightly sanding the edges after the paint dries!


canning jar ring pumpkin craft


1. On a table, line up as many ring lids as you want for each pumpkin. We used 10 for each of ours. Have them all “face” the same direction – that is with all the tops facing in one direction.

2. String the lined up lids onto your…what else?…string. 🙂 

3. Pull the string tight and tie a couple of knots.

4. Fan out lids evenly into a circle with the tied string in the center. This will make your pumpkin shape.

5. “Squirt” hot glue down into the center of your pumpkin, between the lids. Then while the glue is hot, add a stick or even a few cinnamon sticks to mimic a pumpkin stem. Hold in place until the hot glue cools (only a few seconds). 

6. Then add a little hot glue around the stick and cover with moss while the glue is hot. Let cool/dry. 

canning jar ring pumpkin

These little gems are perfect to pair with something rustic or organic, like rattan or burlap. You could even tie a ribbon around the stems if you wanted to add a little more texture! 

Do you have any spare canning jar lids laying around? Why not make a little mason jar pumpkin or two?

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