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Easy Pink & Grey Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

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In this post: Make this easy pink and grey tissue paper tassel garland with your kids for Valentine’s Day decorating or at any time of year!

You guys would be so proud of me! I totally let my girls help me with a decorate-y craft this weekend.  Okay maybe to YOU it’s not a big deal. But I am a total control freak and typically keep the house-decorating crafts separate from the kids crafts. I know, ridiculous. You should have seen how happy they were. It was absolutely worth it!  Anyway, we made a really simple pink and gray tissue paper tassel garland. It’s really nice to have a wee bit of color in the house – it’s been pretty plain since the Christmas decorations came down!

girls helping with a craft


pink and grey tissue paper tassel garland

Some of you know how much I love the feel that garlands and banners give a space – you know, like there’s  a party starting any minuteWell add this one to all the others I love!

Do It Yourself Tissue Paper Tassel Garland


tissue paper tassel supplies


1. Fold one sheet of tissue paper in half. Then fold in half again the other way.

tissue paper tassels cut

2. Using sharp scissors cut strips into folded tissue paper, stopping one inch from longest folded side.

3. Trim short edge to create two pieces and separate.

tissue paper garland rolling

4. Unfold each piece and begin to roll tightly right side out along the center. Repeat for the other piece.

5. Bend and twist to create a loop for stringing.

tissue paper garland making

6. Repeat steps 1-6 for as many tassels as you’d like. (We made 18.)

tassel garland hanging

7. String onto ribbon and hang.

gray dining room pink tassel garland


So what about you – do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Have you tried making a tissue paper tassel garland before?

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  1. I just love this DIY….I am seeing garlands everywhere right now on instagram and etsy…and they are so pretty for a girl’s room…..or even a big girl’s office 🙂 Thanks for this great craft idea with all the steps!!! xo