Sometimes you can find authentic French grain sacks, but sometimes you can’t – or don’t want to use them for a craft! Learn how to paint grain sack stripes.

painted grain sack stripes

Sometimes you can luck out and find beautiful authentic grain sacks buried in a barn in Alabama …

french grain sack stripes

…and sometimes you can’t.

Or maybe you don’t want to ruin perfectly good French grain sack even though you really want the look of grain sack.

How to Paint Grain Sack Stripes

painted canvas bag with stripes and lavender inside


  • Canvas or other similar fabric
  • Paint
  • Masking tape
  • Foam brush


1. Cut your fabric to size if necessary. I painted a little canvas bag, so no cutting was needed.

2. Tape off a large stripe right down the middle of your fabric.

3. Dry brush paint (color of choice) between the tape. Remove tape and let dry.

how to paint grain sack stripes step 2

painted stripe

4. Place large piece of tape over center painted stripe. Then place one more piece parallel to that on each side, as shown.

5. Dry brush paint between the tape. Remove tape and let dry.

painted grain sack step 3

painted stripes

6. Repeat step 4 and 5.

how to paint grain sack stripes step 4

If you’re painting grain sack stripes onto something washable, be sure to mix in some fabric medium (using package directions).

dried lavender in a grainsack striped canvas drawstring bag

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you how to make dried linen sachets the easy way! 


shannon photo and sig oct 2022