Choosing a Paint Color for Our Master Bedroom – We Finally Found THE ONE!

We’re generally pretty good at picking paint colors. But this time around we had issues. Here’s a story about choosing a paint color for our Master Bedroom and finally finding THE ONE!

This project was sponsored by HANDy Paint Products and their HANDy Ladder Pail. As always, opinions are our own. See our full disclosures here.

Honestly, I can usually choose a paint color *snap* just like that. And 99.9% of the time it’s the right color for the space. But over the last year and a half, choosing a paint color for our bedroom gave me such fits. Here’s how we finally chose a paint color for our master bedroom and the makeover progress we’ve made so far!

Choosing a Paint Color for Our Master Bedroom - We Finally Found THE ONE!

When we first moved into this house in November 2016, the master bedroom was a burnt yellow-y orange color. I’m not even sure what to call it. It wasn’t horrible exactly. It was just not a color that was in our whole home color plan.

After some deliberation, I painted the walls what I thought was going to be a lovely grey.

Except that I had forgotten to take into consideration how pink the undertones in the floor were, how purple our bedroom furniture was at the time, and even more importantly, that the room was north-facing and which naturally made the lighting very cool! Which left us with a paint color that appeared wayyyyyy more on the cool purple side, than grey.

Neutral Master Bedroom King Bed

But, as much as we didn’t love it, we had other things to work on and so we lived with that purple-y grey for a whole year. Until we started to plan the bedroom makeover this winter.

Finally Finding the One

In addition to the floor and furniture color issues, part of the problem with choosing a paint color was actually all the beautiful trim and panel molding in the master bedroom. You see, someone who owned the house before us painted it a cream color. Not slightly off-white, but a legit cream color. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if they hadn’t also painted the crown molding, doors AND ceiling in the same cream color. (That was way more repainting than we were willing to tackle!)

Which meant the new paint color had to both go with the cream color AND tone down the pink undertones in the flooring. (We are planning to redo the laminate throughout the house, but there are other more pressing projects that need to be completed first. So, the pink undertoned laminate has to work for a couple years longer at least.)

So, what paint color did we finally choose?

We actually went with an old favorite – Sherwin Williams Analytical Grey. We used it two houses ago in our living room and dining room combo. We also used in our last house in the dining room that we later turned into a living room.

In each space, it looked a little different. Which is why we always tell you to test paint colors in all different lights in your space and to never choose paint colors at the store!

A Little Help from Our Friends at HANDy Paint

Since we were painting the upper half of all the walls and I’m only about 5 foot one and our daughter who helped with the painting is only a few inches taller than that, a ladder was definitely necessary for this job. Which also meant hauling paint up and down said ladder. Or did it?

HANDy Paint Ladder Pail on an aluminum ladder

HANDy Paint has a product called the HANDy Ladder Pail, that’s very useful if you need to paint up high a lot. The HANDy Ladder Pail is the perfect tool for any painting project on a ladder. The HANDy Ladder Pail has a patented bracket that securely attaches it to the side of most step and extension ladders. It easily holds over a gallon of paint or stain, and has a built-in magnetic brush holder as well as a tool and rag holder.

HANDy Paint Ladder Pail!

HANDy Paint Ladder Pail!

Teenager on ladder painting the wall

HANDy Paint Ladder Pail!

No climbing up and down. No holding an awkward can. Talk about Handy! <—see what I did there?! 🙂

(Dean and I recommend that you keep a full Ladder Pail on a mid to lower rung on an extra light aluminum ladder like ours to reduce the (only slight) risk of the ladder tipping if bumped while no one is standing on it.)

Thankfully we finally found the right paint color for our master bedroom! And now the space is all painted and ready for the rest of its makeover.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom with Analytical Grey Paint

Master Bedroom after painting before rest of makeover

Stay tuned for the rest of the master bedroom makeover, including new furniture and fun storage solutions, coming soon! 

Have you had a paint color disaster lately? Did you finally solve it?


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  1. The new colour looks beautiful Shannon. Very peaceful and calming, perfect for the bedroom. I can’t wait to see the rest of the makeover. 🙂 Julie

  2. Very cool paint bucket- I need one!
    And I love the paint color- can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the room!