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Packing Tape Image Transfers

In this post: How to add packing tape image transfers to plain dishware.

I adore white dishes.

Not much of a stretch to believe really, given I love all shades of white and everything neutral, right?

But I love white dishes because they can be paired with all manner of table decorations for holidays, family meals, pot lucks and other celebrations.

White mugs before temporary image cling

White dishes are versatile, utilitarian and pretty all at once.

But every once in awhile I think it would be fun to dress up our white dinnerware or glassware. Perhaps with some typography!

But of course I wouldn’t want anything to be permanent. Decor is always fluctuating and changing around here.

Count Your Blessings Mug

Which brought me to my latest DIY inspired by Courtney Cerutti’s Creativebug class, Image Transfers.

I had the chance to actually take this class with Courtney in person when I was in California this summer. But I liked it just as much on Creativebug!

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After taking the Image Transfer class on Creativebug, I went ahead and created this project to show you how I’d use this craft in our house.

After all crafts are so much more fun with examples of what to do with them after you create them, right?!

Packing Tape Image Transfers

Packing tape image transfer supplies


  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • mugs or glasses
  • photocopy of image (must be a laser copy – inkjet copies will not work!)


1. Cover image with packing tape. I used this image over at the Graphics Fairy.

Packing Tape Over Photocopied Image

2. Cut out packing tape covered image.

Cut out image with tape

3. Place in a bowl of water to soak.

Place packing tape in water

4. Rub paper off of tape. The laser image will remain on the tape!

Rub paper off back

Image Transfer with Packing Tape

5. Dry tape a little, trim to size and apply to glass or mug.

Packing Tape Image Transfers

And then you have a temporary, easy to remove decorative graphic on your dinnerware to dress up your table!

Temporary Cling for Mugs

Do you want to learn more of Courtney’s tips and tricks for gorgeous Image Transfers? Or maybe her other methods for image transfers?

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Image Transfers - Creative Bug

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