DIY Projects

Our Top 10 Weekend DIY Projects

So you want to DIY that special something for your house?

Sometimes DIY projects can take a lot of time. And then there some that can be completed in a weekend (or less)!

So here are TEN of our top weekend DIY projects that YOU could tackle in a weekend!

Get out your saws, sanders and paint brushes, this is going to be fun!

you are my sunshine giant wall art

1. Vintage You Are My Sunshine Sign

how to make a diy wood pallet headboard

aka design bungalow master bedroom wood headboard

2. Reclaimed Wood-Look Headboard

Industrial Shelves Crates Printers Office

diy restoration hardware inspired shelves

3. Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves

whole dining room

4. Rustic Farmhouse Table

5. Blanket Box Redo

6. Gallery Wall

7. French Industrial Ottoman

8. PB Inspired Canvases

aka design mantel

9. PB Decorative Ledge Knockoff – Mantel 

Home Made Lovely master bedroom Christmas 2015

10. Stencil a Wall

Which project is on your list to do next? Have you done any of these already?


shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. On Saturday of this long weekend our village has town wide garage sales, The Lion’s club sells tickets on toy whales that they release in the river that runs through town and then they have a Spaghetti Supper. DH is a Lion so he will be busy! The garage sales on the hwy have already started and I have found some treasures already. 8 mini teapots from the Canadian Red Rose Tea collection for $3.00 🙂

  2. Thanks for even more inspiration and motivation. I have already made our shelf/mantle because of your previous post, I’m thinking the numbered canvas may be my next project, I have just the spot to hang it already waiting. Happy May Long to you and your family Shannon. Gotta head to the nursery this weekend to finally do our traditional flower planting… that’s what we get for living in North Western Ontario 🙂

    1. We’re just working on our yard this weekend too! Hope you’re having a great one!