We’ve had some email questions lately (love you guys!) asking all sorts of questions. Some of them have been related to paint colours we’ve used. So here are the specific colors we used in the wee bungalow/our last house.


Living Room and Dining Room
Walls – Sherwin Williams Analytical Grey
Board & Batten, Trim – Behr Swiss Coffee
Ceiling – CIL ceiling paint (the stuff that goes on pink and dries white) – white

Walls – Behr colour-matched to PPG Scotch Mist
Trim, Ceiling – Behr Swiss Coffee

(photo credit Abby Cook/apartment therapy)

Front Hallway/Entry
Walls – CIL Wexford Fog
Trim, Doors, Ceiling – Behr Swiss Coffee

Walls – Behr Parisian Taupe
Trim, Doors, Ceiling – Behr Swiss Coffee

Our Son’s Room
Walls – BEHR Antique White & Stepping Stones
Trim – Builder’s White that was here

(photo credit Abby Cook/apartment therapy)

Master Bedroom
Walls – Behr colour-matched to PPG Scotch Mist
Trim – Unfinished

So there ya have it – all the paint colours in our last house. If you’re curious you can find the paint colors for our current house here.


shannon photo and sig oct 2022

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  1. My wonderful husband spent his Christmas vacation painting a room in the basement for our son. It looks great, he patched all the holes and is adding trim that was never there. He installed a door yesterday, so it is almost complete! yeah! Our son, Isaiah picked the wall color himself, I think he did well. He chose Benjamin Moore – Shaker Beige. The only down fall to doing it now came when I took the Christmas tree down the other day my husband commented that he didn’t get to enjoy it much this year!

    1. Good for him!!! But yes there is the drawback of missing some holidays…Dean enjoyed his first project free holiday in awhile!!!

  2. Oh I just love the barn doors. My husband and I recently tore down our old garage and saved the door. I’ve been trying to explain to him as to why I want to hang it on our wall. Now I can show him this picture. Your home is stunning!!

    1. Pictures totally help! Dean wasn’t on board with the open kitchen shelves initially – but I showed him so many pics that he finally figured we were going ahead!!! And thank you for the compliment. You are a sweetie!!!

  3. I have always been the painter and my husband the bringer home of the paint. He says it is better that way. I have to say it is faster or it used to be anyway. Now I am not a fast painter (chronic pain). Love your blog. We live in the middle of nowhere Ontario, not Timbuktu but close to it.

    1. Oh Kim, I’m sorry. Dean made the hardware at work – he’s worked in sheet metal for almost 20 years. There are lots of places online if you do a google search I’m sure you’d find something. 🙂

  4. Hi Shannon… Your home is lovely and we actually have many similarities. My husband and I for years have been building different pieces and decorating. We stive for the farmhouse look. I do all the painting, won’t let him touch a brush…lol! I do painting on the side & have a business card if your interested? I’m in Durham.

  5. Hi Shannon!

    I love your darling home! We are getting close to painting our kitchen cabinets white and my dad suggested Swiss Coffee because of its’ ability to look great with browns as well as greys. It looks perfect in your home but I am wondering are your cabinets different? If so, how does that blend?



    1. Hi Monica, sounds like you have an exciting project in the works! We didn’t have the option to paint our cabinets when we redid our kitchen – the old ones were simply too old and rickety. I love Swiss Coffee – it is what we’ve used for all the trim in the main parts of our house (only the girls room is different because of all the pink in there!). It plays nicely with so many other colors, including so many of our Sherwin Williams favorites. Does that answer your question? If not, ask again…maybe I didn’t catch what you meant.

  6. Ok so I realize now that I didn’t make any sense! What I am mean is this: How do your white cabinets compare with the Swiss Coffee? I have the Swiss Coffee swatch but it looks dark. I’m wondering if it will blend okay with my already white trim. Was that a little more clear?

    1. Okay. Our Swiss Coffee is by Behr and it looks like a lot of milk with a wee tiny bit of coffee. And our trim is also the same colour. Behr Swiss Coffee is a pretty popular go with everything white. Does that help?

  7. Are you able to tell us what the Behr colors were that you had matched? like int he kitchen you wrote Kitchen
    Walls – Behr colour-matched to PPG Scotch Mist. What was the Behr colour? it’s beautiful. Thanks

    1. Hi Jayme,

      What I meant was that we had the Home Depot folks colour match a can of Behr to PPG’s Scotch Mist. 🙂

      Hope that helps!

      xo, S.