Our New House (Realtor Photos)

As much as we’d love to be sharing all of our Christmas decorating with you right now (it’s not up yet!), we’ve got other things to share with you.

Fun things like sharing what are sure to become BEFORE photos of our new BACKSPLIT!

Now do remember that these are Realtor photos and that the house isn’t empty – all the furniture and decor belongs to the current owner. But it should give you all an idea of what we’ll be working with over the next several year! Ha!

The Front

I think the front of our new backsplit is adorable – at least it has plenty of potential. The driveway is at least three cars long and absolutely perfect for playing ball hockey or shooting a few hoops. Notice there’s a garage – can you see why Dean is the happiest guy around right now?! The wrought iron railing will go and likely be replaced by a nice white one – or none at all. We’ll see!

The Living Room

 The living room is really large – we should have plenty of room for all the seating we need for small groups and family get togethers and maybe a fireplace too. The parquet is not my favourite – it’s actually why we didn’t look at the house sooner. My association with parquet floors is a horrible apartment Dean and I lived in when we were first married that had cockroaches. Ack! Anyway, when I saw the house in person I realized I could live with the parquet for awhile because the bones and the space was so good. The door way on the left is to the dining room and the doorway straight back leads to the upstairs, downstairs and the side door.

The Dining Room

Every room in the new place has a large window – which is really good considering all the windows we’re giving up a the Bungalow. Dean and I have a million ideas rolling around in our heads for the dining room: what kind of table he’s going to build, what style of chairs we should buy, whether we paint, or wallpaper or something else entirely. See, what fun!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is really better than it appears. In the listing, it’s called an eat in kitchen. But we’re going to add more cabinets and a breakfast bar to make it much more functional for our family. Whenever we have people over, we all try to make tea or get food at the same time in our current little galley kitchen – we want to maximize the new kitchen to work with those requirements.

The Family Room

The lower level of the backsplit has a finished family room, laundry room and an unfinished space that will become my office (Eeek! SO excited!). The paneling will get a few coats of paint sooner than later. The carpet is new berber. We’ve been looking at great big sectionals for down here. Plus we’re thinking of putting in a table and chairs for homeschool, crafts and games.

The Bedrooms

There are three good sized bedrooms on the upper level (all with more parquet). They will all have to be painted and the girls will continue to share. The most exciting thing about the bedrooms is that there are full sized closets in each room – hallelujah!

The Bathroom

The bathroom (yes, there’s still only one) has been updated with a new toilet, flooring and vanity. The tub is original and mint green – but it’s not at all rusty and can be hidden for awhile by a pretty shower curtain. All in all a pretty decent space for our family right now.


Did you notice all the trim that needs updating? Lol. We cannot wait to get into our new backsplit and get decorating!

What do you think? What do you like about it? What would you change?

P.S.  We’ll be sharing inspiration and ideas for the new place – so watch for that. Plus after we move in, we’ll share our Christmas decor at the new place too!

P.S.S. Selling your house soon? Check out my Quick Staging Guide!

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    1. Thanks, Anne! What a cute idea…although I’m thinking painting all the floors in the entire house may be a bit much! 😉

    2. mmmm yes, I can see your point. I’m so used to being on a strict budget that I paint anything and everything to update it!! lol Just get a long pole and a roller and it will go really really fast!!! 🙂

  1. Congrats! And might I say, that is one awesome climbing tree in the front yard! I really like the house. Good luck with your move! And I can’t wait to see your changes in 2013! I always feel inspired by your projects.

  2. Congratulations! What a great space, looking forward to seeing all the changes you’re going to do to make it your own.

    1. HELLO Kim!!! How have you been?! Can’t wait to chat. Thanks for the lovely comment on the new place!

  3. I actually like the parquet floors. With new wall paint, a few rugs and your furniture it will look so much different.

  4. I like your new home! We used to own a home with parquet flooring and I’m not a huge fan of it either — but it’s definately better than carpet in my opinion. Years ago on Cityline, Steven Sabados showed a way to update parquet by staining some of it darker in a border design — something like you can see at this link http://www.wfa.uk.net/products/product-types/parquet-borders/ I always meant to try it, but then we moved. It seemed so much easier than staining or painting the entire floor.

  5. It’s adorable and has much potential. You will give this Plain Jane style and charm. Can’t wait to follow your projects.
    Very interested to see what you do with those boring builder windows.
    What about staining the parquet very very dark?
    BTW, I followed the “recipe” in your book to paint and glaze a 1980s clunky oak table yesterday. First time I’ve done this and it came out great, although there was about 30 minutes where I thought I was going to have to sand down the entire tabletop to get it rid of the blotches and streaks. Ended up spraying down the entire tabletop with water and wiping away the glaze with a big rag. Voila! Gorgeous. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. It takes some practice to work with the glaze – more than a little frightening at first! I’m glad it turned out for you!

  6. The house is darling and looks like its such good shape! It reminds me of so many houses in my neighborhood! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you and your family transform it into your home! I also can’t wait to see pics you take from your prospective!! 🙂

  7. Congrats on your lovely new home! I can’t wait to see all the renovations and DIY’s you will undertake to make it your own nest! Although I have never done it myself, I have seen parquet flooring stained a dark mocha brown which looks amazing – maybe that’s an option for you, regardless I know you both will make your new home beautiful!