This will be our third kitchen makeover.

In our little war era bungalow, back in 2009/2010 we gutted the entire kitchen right back to the stud walls. We dealt with the long skinny space (7 feet by 14 feet), awkward features (two doorways, a pass through, a window, a hot water tank and an electrical box we couldn’t move anywhere else) and completely rotted flooring (we had to replace some of the non-support stud walls and the sub-floor).

The kitchen in our last house required less scary work and just a facelift with added storage for our family. This took longer to complete than the gut job, likely because it wasn’t as urgent.

And now we’re about to embark on this house’s kitchen which requires a little bit of everything, although thankfully there are no rotting floors or stud walls!

Our Kitchen Before

As I’ve mentioned before, this house had almost the exact layout we wanted, including a large kitchen opening into the living room with an island between. Perfect for our family and perfect for my love of hospitality.

However, much like any house, it isn’t perfect.

kitchen before

For example, almost half the kitchen was designed as an “eat-in” area. A space to put a table and chairs right next to the patio doors (that now open out onto the pool deck). Unfortunately, the space isn’t quite suited to a family of five with two, almost three, teenagers. We’d be stumbling all over each other trying to eat in the space and have five chairs over there.

And while there is currently more storage than our last house’s kitchen (even after we fixed it up), I’m really finding as the kids get older that we need a TON of storage space. The groceries that would previously have lasted a month are lasting like a week. Maybe I exaggerate, but not by much. Weekly grocery shopping fills this kitchen to the brim.

So, we need more storage.

I’ll tell you more about the plan for the kitchen later this week, but I will tell you we’re starting with the appliances


I’m glad you asked!

Why We’re Starting with the Appliances

After renovating two previous kitchens, and buying needed appliances after renovations in some cases, we’ve learned the hard way. Appliances should be chosen first.

One of the reasons for choosing appliances first is the space they require. For example, any older homes were not meant to house large double door refrigerators. And believe me I want/need a large fridge! In our last house, we had to replace the fridge after we’d already added counters on both sides of the old one. Dean had to jigsaw back his stainless-steel counters to make the new fridge fit. Not a measuring error, just a literal case of “they don’t make them the same as they used to” small fridge being replaced with a standard new fridge.

Another reason is that if you’re going to choose gas over electrical and your house isn’t set up for that you need to know asap. And I love the look of slide-in ranges, but if that’s not planned for up front, you may find your backsplash doesn’t quite cover what it needs to!

And finally, you want to know the finishes of your appliances before you select the other parts of your kitchen design plan. You need to know the colors and shades that will be in the room. It’s like choosing a couch or dining set before the smaller items or paint color. Absolutely necessary!

The other key thing to pay attention to is when the appliances will be in stock. Sometimes special finishes or even just newer finishes like black stainless take a little longer to have delivered because the materials are just not as commonly stocked. You don’t want your entire plan to be held up or a holiday ruined because the appliances were weeks later than you thought they’d be. Even with a delivery date selected, I’d recommend budgeting in a bit of extra time.

Like I mentioned, I’ll be back soon with the plan for our farmhouse kitchen makeover as well as which appliances we ended up choosing from The Home Depot.

How’s your kitchen? How old are your appliances?


This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada. All opinions, thoughts and photos are my own.

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