Old Brick Wall Advertising Reveal

This has to be one of the most fun results we’ve gotten from a DIY to date. I just adore the character!

old brick wall advertising

I’ve always loved the look of hard lofts – warehouses and factories converted into homes and workspaces. I can’t get enough exposed brick, floor to ceiling windows, ductwork and open living. But I live in a backsplit in the suburbs with my family and a loft conversion is not really an option right now.

But Dean and I are DIYers at heart. And who says you can’t DIY a little hard loft look in a suburban backsplit?

Enter faux brick panelling. (Shhh, that’s our secret!)

Truth be told ever since I saw Katie’s faux brick nursery wall, I’ve been itching to put one somewhere – anywhere – in my house! There are two things humorous about this:

  1. Katie is my blog “Star” for Creating with the Stars 2014.
  2. She had NO idea I was making the brick wall for round 2 because she just had baby number three and was incommunicado all week!

old brick wall advertising collage 1

Another thing I found funny were the comments on Facebook when I was finally allowed to tell everyone that this coffee wall was our project. Especially this one:

facebook comment starbucks

Who knew I was so predictable?! (Thanks, Dandelion Patina! xo)

old brick wall advertising collage 2

And for those who keep asking where we actually put this beautiful wall of goodness:

old brick wall advertising before and after

It’s going to look even better after we refinish the stairs, install laminate upstairs and redo the railing!

And can I just say it was a real bear to photograph – with the railing and bulkhead getting in the way and the fact that it had to be anonymous for the contest!


Anyway, Dean and I do plan to write a tutorial for you. We’ll get it up as soon as possible. But since we’re still competing in Creating with the Stars and trying to keep things as normal as possible for our family, we are going to make you wait just a little while for it.

UPDATE: The tutorial is now available: How to Create Old Brick Wall Advertising in Your House!

Are you a fan of hard lofts? Do you like industrial style brick painted walls?

P.S. Thank you to our friends Jay & Rachel and Chip & Beth for lending us the tripod lamp and black Eames-style chair to help us keep the styling anonymous!

shannon sign off