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New Laminate Floors REVEAL

We are SO very very very excited to show you our new floors today!

Like super-duper-crazy-bouncing-off-the-walls-thrilled-to-share-a-million-photos excited!

They are so pretty!

After perusing all the choices at Lumber Liquidators, Dean and I settled on their Kensington Manor 12mm Sandy Hills Hickory Laminate based on this photo:


Yup, we picked our floors from a photo online. Gasp!

We actually went into our local store to see it in person after we found it online, but as luck would have it, they didn’t have it at a location near us. But they told us we could order it in from another warehouse and if we didn’t like it it was no big deal.


Fabulous customer service.

Obviously we went ahead and ordered it!

When our flooring arrived, Dean rented a cargo van (we drive a Civic – we rent a cargo van a couple of times a year for things like this) and went and picked it all up. The moment I saw it in real life, I was smitten. 

Afterall, this was what we had been living with BEFORE #projectlaminate!

dining room flooring before

Orange. Orange. Orange.

old parquet

Not just orange, UGLY too!

Sidenote: For those of you who may be appalled that we covered hardwood (even parquet) with laminate, yes, we could have stripped down the parquet and refinished it in a darker stain. I’m sure it would have looked lovely. But Dean and I had two problems with that option: parquet is notorious for loose pieces (something Dean didn’t want to deal with forever) and there would have been scads of dust and mess in refinishing all that parquet (something I didn’t want to deal with even temporarily). 

Besides we would have missed out on all the gorgeous hand-scraped goodness of the new laminate!

even more texture

Being that it’s laminate and not hardwood, obviously it’s not actually hand-scraped. But man, it looks AND FEELS textured!

And at 12mm plus an attached 3mm underpad – it’s nice and thick!

I’ll let some beauty shots do the talking for a minute…try not to drool on your keyboard whilst you look.

living room from entry

living room part

dining room from entryish

dining room

I adore how the floor just continues on from the living room into the dining room…

floor near buffet

Just look at the nice WHITE baseboard too! Totally makes the laminate go “pop”!

laminate at baseboard

We even dared to put laminate in the kitchen!!!

kitchen from living room


in kitchen

We’ll keep you posted on how it wears.

I was totally worried about how we’d handle the stairs and railings, but Dean worked his magic while I was at a conference one Saturday and now we have this:

bullnose at stairs

Uh-Mazing, yes? (Dean and the floors!)

We honestly can’t say enough good things about these floors and Lumber Liquidators. The compliments we’ve received in person from friends, family and visitors have been too numerous to count.

How about you, do you love the new floors? Or were you sad to see the parquet go? (Btw, if you answer yes to that last question, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Just sayin’.) Do you have flooring you love? Or are you still dreaming of your perfect floor? 

P.S. A how-to install laminate post is coming really soon. I just have to pin Dean down long enough to explain it to me so I can explain it to you!

*Disclosure: Lumber Liquidators generously gave us flooring in exchange for posting about their awesomeness. They did not tell us what flooring to choose or what to say. We were quite pleased with our LL flooring in our last house (that we PURCHASED) and are over-the-moon thrilled about our new Lumber Liquidators flooring in this house. We trust you all know by now that we wouldn’t post about or recommend anything we don’t love. 

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    • Sarah says

      Hi Shannon, I’m debating whether to leave the tile in my front entrance and kitchen, or have this laminate extend all throughout the main floor (into hallway/kitchen). How does it hold up to foot traffic and water in these areas? Have you had to repair any of these areas yet? My guess would be that tile is better suited for this area, but I think aesthetically it would look much nicer. Thanks for your posts!

    • Shannon says

      So, we have the laminate in the kitchen and it’s been perfectly fine with spills. BUT we live where it snows and there is subsequently a lot of salt that gets tracked in. For the main entryway then we have tile – I doubt the laminate could handle that much salt. Does that help?

    • Sarah says

      Yes it does thanks! We get the snow/salt as well so that helps confirm I will keep my tile for that section 🙂

  1. kara says

    love your floors!! I think I will get them too!! I just wanted your opinion…they don’t appear “orange” at all….but in person do you see any orange or cinnamon kinda coloring? Thanks!!

  2. Terri says

    Hi, love the look of your laminate flooring! Question do you have pets? Wondering how it holds up to dog claws?

  3. Cynthia says

    Love your floors. We are currently looking for new flooring. Can you tell me the make & color of your floors?!

  4. Jared Wohlgemuth says

    Do you have any extra boxes of the Sandy Hills Hickory? We had some damage in our kitchen and new some more planks to repair the area, but don’t have enough spares to finish the job. And it’s a discontinued product. Any way we could by some from you?

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