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New Door Knobs and Hinges – It’s the Little Things

New door knobs and hinges on interior doors can make a bigger impact than you’d think on your home’s style!
(Post sponsored by Wayfair Canada)

Sometimes you want a quick fix.

An easy update.

But you also want a change that will make a huge impact on the style of your home.

When we were looking at houses, the ones that impressed me the most were the ones that were up to date with modern fixtures and beautiful paint colors already there. But the ones that had the most potential for improvement were the ones that didn’t – like the one we ended up buying.

As a go to, paint is usually my number one suggestion for a relatively inexpensive quick fix.

But a close second is updating fixtures like lighting…and door knobs and hinges on interior doors!

We spent much of the first few weeks in our new home painting trim and walls, updating light fixtures, and replacing the interior doors knobs and hinges.


Choosing to go with black was easy – it’s my favorite clean traditional/farmhouse look.

But we also wanted something that was a little bit edgy, a little bit more “us” than plain old traditional knobs.

So we chose (affiliate link) these Copper Creek egg-shaped knobs from Wayfair.


So far we’ve got them installed on the main floor. Dean’s honey-do list (literally a list on the Wunderlist app called “Honey Do List”) is a little long, as I’m sure you can imagine. So we’ll get to the upstairs and downstairs asap.

But the difference just on the main floor is pretty big:





Later this week I’ll share a bit more of the entryway to show you another way to make big impact with a little drama!


Thank you to Wayfair Canada for providing the door knobs for this project.

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  1. Heather says

    I Looooove black handles and hinges! We did that on our old place and it looked amazing. Our new house has yucky brass. Maybe we will change them out…

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