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New Door Hardware | Our House

I love to think about our home and dream of the big picture – the whole house finished top to bottom. But I also know that it’s the little details and the small projects that make a difference in the overall look and feel of our spaces.

Let’s take our entryway for example. Here is a before shot from some time earlier this year (I’m pretty sure that’s still the Christmas wreath on the outside of the door!).

before entryway aka design

Dark doors, peel and stick floors, orange wood trim and –  if you look closer – a dual toned knob and painted over hinges on the front door. Not a pretty picture!

We’ve been working on this little foyer since the middle of the summer and it’s finally almost finished. There was a sneak peek in our fall home tour:


We’ll definitely show you the space in all its detail when we finally finish it – the new floor, the closet doors and the plank wall. Today we just want to share our new door hardware – because it’s such a huge improvement!

outside of door

For the outside we chose a similar style to the handle on our last house’s front door, this Copper Creek Handleset from D Lawless Hardware. 


And for the inside of the door we chose a simple knob and bolt, this one also from D Lawless Hardware.

interior knob and lock

front door knob inside

Another thing we did was change out the old painted hinges to three new black ones.

front door interior

We also did some sprucing up of the side door too. Here’s what it looked like way back in January:

kitchen east end

And now:

side door

side door interior

Much better, yes?

But if you noticed, on the front door we had to add a metal plate to both the interior and exterior of the door. This was due to the Copper Creek hardware not fitting the holes the same as the old knobs and locks. Totally avoidable if you’re installing them on a brand new door with no existing holes. But a little tricky if you’re replacing old knobs.

Regardless, we’re happy to have a new look going on at the front and side doors!

When did you last switch out some small items that made a big impact on the look and feel of your home? Have you updated any door hardware lately?

P.S. D. Lawless Hardware let us choose the knobs and locksets. They didn’t tell us which to choose or what to say. They have great customer service and are especially proud of their cabinet knobs and handles!

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  1. Stacey says

    Looks great! Hardware makes such a difference. We have one spot in our house where I’m dying to put glass knobs. They are so expensive though!

  2. Gena says

    Looks great! Only a fellow Canuck would notice the curling brooms in the before picture!,
    Curlers in my house as well!

    • Shannon says

      Haha! Yes, our son has played for about 5-6 years and one of our daughters played last year. Our son still loves it – but DD#2 decided it was too cold of a sport to play! 🙂

  3. Morgan says

    Did you free hand the hello on your door or use a stencil? Please help…I am ready to do that part on my door but I am nervous! Thanks

    • Shannon says

      Hello Morgan, sorry for my delayed reply. Yesterday was a little hairy! I did not freehand the hello, it’s actually a vinyl sticker! You can buy it here.

  4. Hevel House says

    Help! I would love to paint my front door the same color as yours. What color did you use. I love, love, love your home!

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