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In this post: Neutrals are my go-to favorite for decorating with. Here are 15 of my neutral decor favorites from Amazon. 

If you’ve been around Home Made Lovely for a while, you know that neutrals are my favorite to decorate with. And even though I love a good local shopping day, those have been few and far between as we’ve been in lockdown here in Ontario. So, online shopping has been kind of a life-saver for this home blogger! Here are 15 of my neutral decor favorites from Amazon, in case you’re due for a few new things for your home too. 

neutral decor favorites from amazon

15 of My Neutral Decor Favorites From Amazon

neutral decor favorites from amazon horizontal

01. Expandable Wooden Hook Rack

I recently ordered this for our laundry room. I love it for hanging the broom and mop on, as well as extra aprons and a hand towel for washing up at the laundry tub. 

02. Stone-Washed Linen Sheets

It makes me giggle to think that I used to believe that linen was a high-maintenance material, when quite the opposite is true. I love linen sheets for their softness (after several washings) and especially for how casual but high-end they look. 

olive green euro pillows behind ruffled linen pillows and striped natural linen pillows

03. Porcelain Dinnerware Set

My girls were setting the table one evening this winter, after we built our new dining room table (a how-to post is coming soon, I promise!), and they pointed out how “blue” in undertone our dishes now look. My plan was to buy new dishes this spring, when I could go shopping in person and touch and feel each one. But I may just order these pretty porcelain ones anyway! 

04. Matte Black Flatware

I’ve wanted matte black flatware for a loooonngggg time. I didn’t buy it though because our dining room table was so dark for a few years. Now that we’ve made the new one, and it’s a gorgeous aged pine color, I think these matte black pieces would look so stunning, don’t you?

05. Ceramic Pot

Collecting vintage, aged, found vessels and vases has become a new hobby of mine and I’m so glad we got out for a day of antiquing and thrifting between stay-at-home orders earlier this year. Thankfully, I’ve found a few lovely pieces online as well – although they do tend to cost a bit more than local finds. This one is one of my favorite shapes and has a lovely texture. 

06. Wood Chain Link Decor

Definitely a trend of the moment (which I do NOT often follow), these wood chain links have such a lovely flow to them and look great on coffee tables and shelves paired with books. 

07. Well-Crafted Home (coffee table book)

Another decor object I’ve begun collecting are decor books that look great on coffee tables and shelves. This one is a fairly new release and is filled with pretty photos and several great home DIY projects too. 

08. Stoneware Pitcher

I actually loved this pitcher so much that I bought two (one I bought on Zulily, the other on Amazon)! It’s great on its own on a shelf or filled with flowers (faux or real) on the counter. 

09. Olive Green Pillow Covers

I actually had to try a few sets of “olive” green throw pillow covers in the living room before I found one that was warm enough. (Green is made of yellow and blue – if there’s more blue, the green will look cool, if there’s more yellow, it will look warmer.)

Mixing and matching throw pillows in earth tones

10. Round Jute Rug

A couple of years ago we had this rug in the entryway, then we moved it outside for a summer. Of course, since it’s not meant to be outside, and we live in Canada (with lots of weather), it didn’t fair well. I plan to buy a replacement for the summer months in the entryway soon. 

11. Wood Stool/Plant Stand

I love this little plant stand that looks like a stool, don’t you? Picture it with a lovely pot on top, in a corner with some other plants. Too cute. 

12. Rectangle Wood Pedestal with Handle

I found a little pedestal just like this originally at Michael’s a couple of years ago. I was thrilled when I started to spot them online, after Michael’s sold out. 

pine bookcase with glass doors beside floating shelves with pottery and books

13. Plaid Blanket

I’ve always loved throw blankets. Piled in baskets, on the back of the couch, on a blanket ladder. And this one is just so classy with its fine lined plaid design. I may just have to add it to my collection soon. 

14. Artificial Olive Tree

It seems that plants (faux or real) go through their trends as well. Awhile back it was fiddle leaf figs, now it’s olive trees. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll suck it up and buy one, or if I’ll try to DIY one with a found branch and some faux olive stems. This one is at the top of my list if I decide to buy one. 

15. Large Braided Floor Basket with Handle

And of course, I adore baskets. We have them in bathrooms, the entry, bedrooms and of course, the living room. This one is just so pleasing in shape and weave. It’s sitting in my cart right now, awaiting my next pay cheque’s arrival. 😉

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So, those are my neutral favorites from Amazon right now. Which ones do you love? Got any other Amazon decor favorites?

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