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In this post: Natural Easter Table Setting using muted pastels and lots of texture makes for a cozy table to celebrate at!

With Easter not that far away, I thought it may be fun to set a pretty, natural Easter table setting. Because setting a pretty table is one of my favorite things to do, don’t ya know! I used some fairly new pieces and a few things from last year’s spring table to create an entirely new look for this year.

spring decorated dining room

Our dining room was designed to be neutral on purpose, just so I could play around with colors in the changing seasons.

Pretty Spring Table Pretty Easter Table |

But even when I switch out colors, I tend to stick to muted or natural tones.

Case in point is the pale pink trellis runner, moss bunnies and rocks, turned-wood candlesticks and our regular everyday utensil caddy.

All filled out with *cough* faux *cough* flowers for that extra pretty factor.

Spring Moss Bunny |

Rustic Spring Table Setting |

Turned Wood Candlesticks

Each place setting is made up of more neutrals and a bit of color from paisley Ralph Lauren Napkins, pale green plates and aqua bowls.

Natural Easter Table Setting |

Easter Table Ideas |

Inside each bowl was placed a moss ‘rock’ and a small canvas treat bag (that you could fill with anything) embellished with “He is risen, Indeed” in gold Sharpie.

Because He has risen, you know!

Rattan charger, scalloped plates napkin, easter

Easter Treat Bag |

Easter Treat Bags - Canvas and Gold Sharpie

Get the Look – Natural Easter Table Setting

We’ve linked either the exact item or something very similar if the version we have is out of stock below, so you can get this same look for your home this spring too!

natural easter table setting

Do you give little treats at Easter? Do you set a special table? What are your favorite tabletop accessories?

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  1. This is simply gorgeous, Shannon! I LOVE the mix of aqua, mint and natural colours. Those little bags are fantastic too!

  2. Beautiful! Especially love the bunnies and napkins…so springy! Snowing in N.Y. AGAIN…hard to “think spring” but this table helps!

  3. Your table is beautiful. Love the muted colors and those candlesticks. But oh my goodness! I am totally smitten with that basket you have the silverware in! I am still trying to come up with a little treat presentation for my table.

  4. Shannon this table is so beautiful! I love all if the neutral colors you chose and the He Is Risen bags are super creative. You nailed it! Hugs, CoCo

  5. Now, this is right up my alley! I LOVE it. This is so lovely and calm. I especially like that it is sophisticated but cutesy enough not to be boring. Great mix of textures. Happy Easter!

  6. I so appreciate your speaking about the Lord Jesus so freely. I love your site. I just found it today. I can’t wait for updates and exploring your site further. Thank You!!

  7. I adore your natural Easter table setting – it’s beautiful. Love the whole thing – colors, candles, decorations. I’m glad I just found your blog – I’m signing up!

  8. I’d like to buy the metal dining room chairs you have. I can only seem to find ones with more of a curve to the back of the seat. Can you remember where you purchased them? Thank you in advance. sarah

  9. Hey Sannon,
    I have a question for you 🙂
    I love decorating my dining room table and I usually cook a lot and have people over, was just wondering what is the proper way to remove extra decor so people can start eating, it seems always a bit uncomfortable people don’t know what to do.and im not sure ether 🙂

    1. Try to keep a sideboard sort of empty so you can transfer some of it to that right before people sit down. Typically I try to make a centerpiece that’s pretty, but have the place settings mostly be useful. One of my favorite things is to use a large/pretty napkin ring and double up the napkins for extra texture without being useless. In this table setting the bowls were really just for looks, so they could easily be moved off the plates and out of the way when it’s meal time. 🙂 I hope that helps a bit!