My House Tour – Second House

curb appeal updates

We lived in this house from 2009 to 2012.

In the fall of 2009, we decided to move from our first house back to the city to be closer to Dean’s work. He was exhausted and we’d spent a tonne of money on cars and car repairs while he commuted from Barrie to Scarborough every day for work for five years.

Having lived for years on one income, this little place in the suburbs was all we could afford. Our little bungalow was a disaster when we bought it!  But God so redeemed our choice to buy it and brought us so many blessings through fixing it up and working together. It was such a labor of love renewing and restoring it.

Front Yard

Initially, the front yard was so overgrown it was almost impossible to see any potential in the exterior. Then shortly after we moved in the Norway Maple out front had to be cut down because it was rotting. We were so disappointed. But then in 2012, with help from The Home Depot, we completely overhauled the curb appeal. I’m sure the new owners are enjoying the fruits of our labors as all the plants fill in!

front yard before

front outside

after painting and walkway

The Entry & Hall

Cramped and outdated the entryway to our little bungalow left so much to be desired. By opening up the hallway and removing the closet, the five of us actually had enough space to enter the house all together without tripping over each other!

old master bedroom

gallery wall way before

old entry



geometric statement wall

hallway to door after

The Living Room

The bungalow was originally just two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, an open living room, and a bathroom. Sometime before we bought it one of the previous owners added an addition in the back. This was the living room and dining room while we owned the house. But boy was it ugly when we bought it!

living room before

living room before

industrial baskets in living room

modern country fall living room compilation

living room shelves with lights

The Dining Room/My Home Office/Homeschooling Space

Opposite the living room  – basically, the same space just opposite ends – was our dining room and my “office”. Dean built the table from pallet wood and our old table legs and the buffet was a thrifted dresser and hand me down hutch. Dean and I designed and built the banquet when we need more storage and more seating. The buyer of the bungalow bought the dining table, chairs, banquette, and buffet from us. They just “suited the space so well”.  Imagine! The x-base desk was made by Dean and a co-worker. This was a small space but it was mighty!

dining room before

desk area empty before

dining room

modern country neutral office

The Kitchen/Laundry Room

Oh, the kitchen. The only room worse than the kitchen when we bought the bungalow was the bathroom. The kitchen was tiny, ill-organized, and UGLY! Think forest green countertops, homemade cupboards, and imitation tile wallpaper. Not to mention poorly executed laundry facilities in the same room. We gutted the whole thing and created a beautiful little kitchen laundry room combo.

kitchen before

kitchen sink

kitchen stove

kitchen laundry

Master Bedroom

Remember how I said that this house was originally two bedrooms? Well, we made it into three by converting the original living room into a master bedroom. Due to the house’s layout, this was easier and made much more sense than you’d think. We had a walk-in closet, but shortly before we decided to move we decided it would make a great pantry, so we built a wall closet as well.

old livingroom

bed before

bed wall after

bedroom corner after

north wall after

bedroom 1 bed wall

bedroom 1

Boys’ Room

Our son’s room was truly created just for him during a competition we entered in the fall of 2011. He adores trains, so a train bedroom it was – complete with crossing sign, lanterns, and boxcar doors!

s room before

barn doors boxcar door boy bedroom
barn door hardware DIY

boy train themed room

Girls’ Room

Our two girls – with very different tastes and color preferences – share a bedroom. We went through several renditions and color combinations before we finally settled on a look they loved – with plenty of pops of color and sparkle – courtesy of Bouclair.

girls room before

pink and purple girls room

white bunk beds

white wood dressers girls room

girls room poufs shelves

The Bathroom

We had but one small bathroom at our old house. And boy did it scare us when we started renovating it 6 days after we moved in – we’re talking holes in the floor, rotted wood scared! But with a little help from our friends – if not gorgeous – it was safe, clean, and functional!

old bath from doorway

old bath subfloor


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