My House Tour – My First House

We lived in this house from 2004-2009. Dean and I have been married for over 20 years and we’ve lived in 11 homes in that time – most of which were apartments. Our son and our first daughter were born when we lived in the lower level of a house – which suited us just fine. But when we were expecting daughter number two (kiddo number three) we figured it was high time we get a house of our own. We ended up buying a little townhouse/rowhouse near Dean’s parents about an hour from the city. Cue the commute for Dean. And three vehicles in five years. But we loved our first house while we lived there. BEFORE BLOGGING. Are you ready? …this is like sharing middle school photosDon’t laugh, we had very definite – COUNTRY – tastes back then!

front door our first house

dining room our first house

our bedroom our first house

living room our first house

living room 1 our first house

Can you believe how much our looks and tastes have changed?

Now QUICK go and look at our other houses…

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