Our new monochromatic dining room.

I was so torn.

When we listed our house for sale in the summer, I desperately wanted to keep all the light fixtures we had so carefully chosen and installed. Our realtor told us it was a bad idea because they were part of the charm of the house and something new buyers would love. I was sad to let them go, but I knew she was right. So I agreed.

I started looking around for new fixtures for the new house and wouldn’t you know it, I totally fell in love with a few.

One particular light fixture caught my eye while I was in California in September. It was hanging over a table in the lodge I was staying at and when I spotted it I just knew. (You know, like when Dean and I got together and we knew.)

When I returned home I searched and searched for the same one and finally found it at one of my absolute favorite online stores, Wayfair. (You knew that was coming, right?)

The catch was after we moved in, we had to have electricians come in and install an electrical box for it – somehow families had lived with just pot lights in the dining room for 17 years!

Okay so first a couple of before photos from our first week here…



(Don’t tell my kids I shared those pictures. They may or may not be overly happy with Momma for that!)

Anyway, now that it’s finally all sorted, installed and on its own dimmer, I’m happy to share our pretty little new light with you. You know, along with our newly painted – and now mauve-less – dining room!







We have plans for some lovely trim and a coffered ceiling project soon, and our tufted settee will be in here too (it was out on loan when I took photos). We’ve also already enjoyed a few meals in this space and I’m looking forward to so very many more shared with friends and family!


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