It’s finally time.

GAH! We’re so excited!

We’ve teased you for a couple of weeks with little hints of a big project.

wicker placemant wood charger white plates napkins beaded napkin ring

We’ve shared our cloth napkins, our reused step back cupboard, our chandelier and even our no sew drop cloth curtains.

But now we’re going to show you the whole thing!

Our Modern Country Dining Room

Aside from the floors and baseboards (pretty please ignore the parquet floors – the new floors are currently in progress), the dining room is done like dinner!

modern country dining room

The biggest thrill out of this whole project is that we have a dining room table again.

Did you read that?


aka design table leg detail


As we’ve mentioned several times, we sold our old dining room table, chairs, banquette and hutch with our old house last winter. Which means we’ve been doing homeschool, projects and eating on a folding table for 7 months! Ugh.

But no more!

target basket

A couple of months ago The Home Depot (one of our ALWAYS FABULOUS partners) challenged us to come up with a summer DIY project. They actually challenged four bloggers to each come up with a project – more about that at then end of the post. They gave us zero direction or requirements – just come up with something great for about $500.

hydrangeas white


Dean and I were already talking about building our table sometime before Thanksgiving (it’s our turn to host again – yay for fall decorating!) and the dining room needed a few other touches as well, so it seemed like the perfect project to tackle.

dining room with step back cupboard

Dean spent a couple of weeks (between sports and other projects) building the table, then I spent a few hours over the span of a few days staining and painting it. The perfect pair, we are!

aka design farmhouse table side detail

We hung some new faux wood blinds to give us a little privacy from our neighbors. We love ’em (our neighbors), but some privacy is good too! And of course we finished up our no sew drop cloth curtains with some hem tape and a much more substantial curtain rod than was previously in the room.

blinds curtain rod

Our chalkboard wall has been around for awhile, but is still very much loved and in use. It got a little fancying up for this reveal with some scrap fabric pennant banners. I really love how the dark chalkboard paint grounds the space a bit too.

rattan chairs number pillow chalkboard wall

We adore our white Eames Eiffel knockoff chairs, but wanted to add a little bit of texture in the form of extra seating in the dining room. We picked up two outdoor rattan looking armchairs – we actually split a box of six with a friend and a lady our friend met at the store who also only wanted two – hilarious story for another day! Originally we were going to place them at the head’s of the table, but they didn’t look quite right. While we were trying to figure out a solution we shoved them into the corners to get them out of the way. Oddly enough it was the perfect place for them. We grabbed our favorite number pillows which added a bit of an industrial touch to the space.

rattan chair number pillow

aka design farmhouse table eiffel look chairs

We’ll be back next week with how we built the table, our secret for getting that Restoration Hardware/pickled/whitewashed wood finish on the table and a complete source list for the room as well (hint – lots of it came from The Home Depot or was DIY’d!).

dining room hutch and starburst

modern country dining room


In the meantime, did we surprise you with anything – or are we totally predictable with our style? What do you think of the finish on the table? Do you think the Eiffel style chairs make the modern country look a bit more fun?  

The Home Depot  sponsored our dining room project by challenging us (and three other talented bloggers – see below) to create a summer DIY project. They didn’t tell us what to make or what to buy. Of course that let us be as creative as our little ol’ hearts desired! THANK YOU Home Depot!


Check out what each of the other #summerDIYchallenge bloggers came up with:


shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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    1. We bought the eiffel chairs before we moved, just waiting and picturing in my head the farmhouse table! Lol. Felt like a long time coming! xo.

  1. I am in LOVE! What a fabulous table and dining room!!! Love, love, love it. Hmmm, wish I were a bit closer to where you live b/c I would demand to be invited over for dinner in that dining room 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jen! Wait till you see it with the new floors and white baseboards too! #oldhouse #uglyparquet

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the knock-off Eames chairs! So glad you went with a modern choice instead of something predictable. The rooms I love most always have some sort of unexpected element … like your modern chairs in a country style room. Love it! I’m waiting with bated breath for the table instructions. I’ve been looking for a smaller farmhouse table for our kitchen without much luck so now I’m thinking I might make one like yours (well, I won’t make it but I’ll have either hubby or son-in-law make it). Beautiful room!!

    1. I have been dreaming of these chairs and this table for MONTHS!!!! You’ll love how we made the table – we’re telling on Monday morning!

  3. Great job! I’m so impressed you can make a table!! It turned out so awesome and I love the contrast with the modern chairs!

  4. Woah, the table & the chairs & that wall – all GORGEOUS!!! Your table setting looks just beautiful too, very inviting!!

    1. Tee hee – I left it set up that way for a couple days after I took pictures – it was just so pretty!

  5. Oh my, this table and this room are wonderful! I really adore the finish on the table. Stunning! I really love the relationship between the table and those chairs. Very cool! Great project!

  6. Love the dining room. Love the finish on the table. We paired the same chairs with our table that hubby built and love them. People are always surprised how comfortable they are when they sit in them.

  7. Shannon that is just awesome. SO WELL DONE.
    You guys rock. Can’t wait to see the how to on that table….I just showed your reveal to hubs….cuz I have an idea…lol
    Great job guys! xx

    1. Hmm, what would that idea be?

      PS. Tell you’re hubby I’m sorry…I’m pretty sure your idea involves work inspired by us!

  8. I always knew our tastes were similar, but you nailed it with this dining room! I would feel perfectly comfortable with this room in my house. Love everything! Textures, mix of styles, colors… Yummy.

  9. Colour me envious! That is one gorgeous room. Love the chairs, table, placemats, curtains… everything just clicks so well together. Bravo!

    1. The placemats! I looked for inexpensive ones forever!!! Sure helped that this table only seats six (our old one sat 12!).

  10. Ga-orgeous Shannon!! Love how the brown stain of the table peeks out to coordinate with the rattan placemats! Great work!!!

  11. Shannon, this is amazing!! I love all the details and how you pulled the whole room together and the table is amazing!!
    Jamie @

  12. Love the design. Love the table. Look forward to perusing more of your sight. found you on the link party. check out denisedesigned blog, fb page and pinterest as well. Thanks.

  13. Wow!! Its wonderful. I really loved what you did with your dining room table. It looks amazing and beautiful.

  14. I love the whole room! I especially like the chalkboard wall and your table! Can’t wait to read more about that. The finish is amazing!

  15. I love the modern / country combination. I just wanted to let you know that I featured your wonderful project on homework. Thanks so much for sharing it on The Inspiration Board. It makes me so happy to see beautiful creativity linked up!

    homework &