In this post: A simple marquee letter DIY – using an easy to find raw metal letter from a popular craft store, a drill and some mini LED string lights.

You guys, I have wanted a marquee letter forever! So when I saw these adorable raw mini metal letters at Michael’s last week, I had an awesome idea – a mini marquee letter DIY. And it’s so easy too, since the metal letter is already made for you.

Mini Marquee Letter DIY Hack

marquee letter A


mini marquee letter diy supplies


1. With a water based marker, mark where you want your light bulbs to be.

2. Using a drill bit that’s a little bigger than the LED light bulbs (we used 1/8″), drill holes where marked.

drilling marquee letter holes

drilled holes

3. Put each bulb through a hole from the back and hot glue in place.

4. Shove all the extra wiring and LED bulbs in back. Of course if you don’t like the hot mess (below) you could neatly place the wires in back.

lights in back of marquee

Don’t you just love it?!

Approximate Price breakdown:

  • Metal letter $9
  • LED Christmas lights $5

Total approximately $15


Totally something you can do too, yes? 

diy marquee letter aka design

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shannon photo and sig oct 2022