Master Bedroom Refresh with Blush Pink

Given the rate at which I typically switch out our decor, I think our master bedroom has done well to stay almost exactly the same for over three years.

Not that I’m prone to buying new bedroom furniture often.

Because I’m not.

Pale pink faux flower arrangment

Dean and I have had exactly two full sets of bedroom furniture (one we bought on credit when we first got married and was uglier than you’ll ever know and the current set is one we settled on when we moved here) and a series of hand-me-down dressers and nightstands for the twenty years we’ve been together. And I’m totally good with that.

I do however keep the main elements fairly neutral so that I can change the accents occasionally when the decorating mood strikes.

Like now.

Master Bedroom Refresh

Blush Pink and Grey Master Bedroom

Since the calendar tells me it’s Spring and the weather is anything but spring-y in my part of the world, I find I’m craving just the tiniest bit of pale blush to brighten up my beloved neutrals.

Which is what inspired me to switch out the yellow accents in our master bedroom with some blush ones. Very pale blush, but still blush. And yes, I did check with Dean first. He’s totally okay with it.

Master Bedroom Refresh Before and After

What got changed in our master bedroom refresh:

  • yellow nightstand knobs replaced with clear crystal knobs
  • yellow and grey artwork changed to on-trend hand-lettered art
  • yellow graphic patterned toss pillows swapped with blush colored plain ones
  • sheets changed from gray and white to blush percale patterned sheet set from
  • added a blush diamond patterned throw from
  • softened up the look of the floor (the new laminate still hasn’t been installed in here yet) with a faux sheep skin rug also from

Obviously we found several items for our bedroom refresh at and we really like them. They even have free shipping right now (as of posting this post) if you want to freshen up your own space too!

Spring Bedroom Refresh

How’s the weather for you? Have you given any rooms a spring refresh lately?


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  1. Looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your talent!! I have two questions-Did you stencil your bedroom wall? And also the wall with the coffee cup above the stairs?

    1. Thank you. Yes I stencilled the bedroom wall. The coffee wall was done with a projector, a pencil and some paint!

  2. I love how your refreshed your bedroom, and I also adore your wood plank headboard and the burlap banner! So sweet! I may need to make one of those banners! I still haven’t decorated the walls in my home’s master bedroom!

    1. It’s so good to decorate the master bedroom! It always seems to be last but it feels so good when it’s decorated!

  3. Is blush one of the new colors for 2016 or maybe I was dreaming?? 😉 I think your subtle changes go very well. Not in ones face change but subtle and yet a refresh.
    Last year we got a new nightstand (in case I grabbed to steady myself–my hubby had a dream I grabbed for my large round glass top table) and it fell and I fell…so looking I went…online. I only briefly had a full bedroom set but never again. This one is made of pieces of life. So I splurged on something so very different yet striking. It can be seen from the front door! But not our bed! This led to new lamps, using antique frames and make antiqued mirrors to hang above/ B behind the mirrors, new artwork, repaint ing dresser on hubby’s side to be similar in color to my new one, redoing decor on surfaces, and even new duvet. Which I collect and change out every few months. But it was amazing how nice it’s been to have a totally new space with those few refreshers. I’d redone the tall old 60’s oak dresser my Dad used for a few years back in 2008 with a black/brown dry paint technique. Lightly wiped the edges and a bit of sanding for a then new look. I still like it. It all goes. Eclectic but me. Blush? I think it looks grand with your “you” space!!!! A few changes make our sanctuaries our treasured spot.

    1. I think maybe it is? Honestly I usually discard that info! Your space sounds lovely.

  4. I just love how you refreshed your bedroom. The blush color is so refreshing and romantinc.