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In this post: Make Your Own DIY Lavender Sachets – the Easy Way! Using real lavender and homemade grain sack striped sachets, with no artificial ingredients!

The first summer we lived here – much to my delight – I discovered that we have a large and beautiful lavender plant growing wild beside the house. Sadly that first summer I totally missed peak lavender harvest and the lovely scented blossoms dried and shriveled on the plant. So sad. But last summer I was able to get to the plant in time and make these lovely DIY Lavender Sachets.

dried lavender

Last summer when that lavender bush was fully covered in gorgeous purple blooms, I clipped them, tied them in bunches and hung them upside down in our crawlspace to dry.

dried lavender in a bowl

When they were fully dried, I placed all the bunches in a large freezer bag to keep them fresh.

Make your own dried lavender sachets

Make Your Own Dried Lavender Sachets – the Easy Way!

dried lavender sachets



1. Carefully hold dried lavender sprig with one hand over a small bowl. Gently pinch stem at bottom with index finger and thumb on the other hand and slide up to remove dried lavender blooms from the stem.

2. Pour dried lavender bits into the drawstring bag. Add full sprigs if desired and pull the drawstring tight. Display!

These would make perfect little birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, or Mother’s Day presents.

dried lavender in a grainsack striped canvas drawstring bag

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I adore the relaxing scent of lavender – don’t you? Have you ever grown or dried your own lavender?

shannon photo and sig oct 2022

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