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Make Space with a Barn Door (Guest Room Makeover Wk 3 of 6)

Aside from adding farmhouse style to a room, barn doors can also add space. We reclaim floor space by replacing a traditional door in our guest room with a fun barn door!

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Well, it’s the third week of our guest bedroom makeover and we’re all about saving space and adding style this week

It’s the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge and we’re giving our guest room a farmhouse style makeover! 

This week’s installment is about the new Renin Barn Door!

Not Our First Barn Door

Of course, we’re not new to the barn door world. In our last house we had a couple different renditions. The first was a heavy door that we built ourselves way back before barn doors and barn door hardware were readily available at big box stores.

The second was a set of barn doors we installed on the doorway between our living and dining rooms. 

white barn doors black hardware, chandelier

At this house, we installed a barn door between our master bedroom and our en suite bathroom to maximize space in the small bathroom. (Before the barn door, the bathroom door swung in and practically hit the toilet!)

Farmhouse Master Bedroom with Analytical Grey Paint

And space is exactly why we wanted to use Renin’s Stone K Easy Glide Soft Close Barn Door in the guest bedroom makeover. 

Reclaiming Space in a Small Room

Our basement guest bedroom was probably not meant to be a bedroom at all. In fact I think it was designed to be used as a storage room. And I use the word designed very loosely here! Lol. Whoever added this room, was definitely not a contractor. Likely not even an experienced DIYer either. In fact, the trim up on the wall was not added as a design feature, but rather as a way to disguise where the drywall meets the bottom of the bulkhead. Sigh. Dean and I are all for DIY, but really, some things should be done by professionals! 

Anyway, since this was obviously a DIY job not done well, the door into the room was also a sticking point. Literally. The door was cut down to fit under the bulkhead – which left it hollow and open at the top. And it stuck on the carpet so badly that it could only be opened part way. Which definitely limited the useful floor space in the room. 

But, no more! 

Renin Barn Door in Guest Bedroom

Now we have a wide open doorway. And plenty of useable space!!! 

make space with a barn door

Aside from adding farmhouse style to a room, barn doors can also add space. We reclaim floor space by replacing a traditional door in our guest room with a fun barn door

Do you have any rooms that could benefit from a barn door in place of a traditional door?

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