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Make a Monogram From Faux Flowers and Cardboard!

In this post: Make a monogram from faux flowers and cardboard and then frame it with a vintage frame for simply stunning spring wall art!

I think that the best part about any project is putting your own spin on it. Whether you’re DIYing a shelving unit or just making a little keepsake, personalizing something is so much more fun! Like this pretty framed monogram from faux flowers and cardboard! 

faux floral monogram framed on wall with text overlay that says make a monogram with faux flowers


Make a Monogram From Faux Flowers and Cardboard

Floral S Antique Frame


  • cardboard
  • pencil & eraser
  • scissors
  • 3-4 bunches of faux flowers
  • glue gun & glue gun sticks
  • Optional: vintage photo frame and thumb tacks


1. Sketch out a large letter (of your choice) onto the cardboard and cut out with scissors.

Draw a letter on cardboard

Cardboard letter s from a cereal box

2. Remove each faux flower from the bunches.

pull faux flowers off of stems

3. Hot glue faux flowers onto monogram cardboard cut out. You can either lay them out before hand in their entirety or you can wing it and just glue one on at a time.

make a monogram from faux flowers and cardboard

4. Optional: Hang vintage frame on the wall and pin the faux floral monogram to the wall in the center of the frame.

Make a monogram with faux flowers

The flower monogram and vintage frame seem to set each other off just right, don’t they?

My kids did point out that my letter ‘S’ looked a bit more like a crazy floral 8 than an S, but I like it anyway.

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Have you crafted anything personalized lately? What did you make?

I'd love it if you'd share:

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  1. Lori says

    Great minds think alike! I just posted a DIY faux floral heart project on my blog today! I used cardboard too!! Yours looks beautiful and I love that you put it inside the frame!

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