Doing laundry is just part of #adulting. A not-so-fun part. Here’s how to make laundry day not suck with the LG TWINWash™. 

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Dean and I have been married a long time. We got married when we were pretty young. Which means, we’ve had to do our own laundry for a long time. I hate doing laundry. I mean I would wash clothes before I’d go naked, but not much before. To prevent me from going out in my birthday suit, Dean has done our laundry for as long as I can remember. He just loves me that much. 

But this Christmas we got the new TWINWash™ washer set with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer. And suddenly, I don’t hate laundry day quite as much as I used to. 

LG TwinWash

My Introduction to the LG TWINWash™ & Key Facts

Last fall, I was invited to attend a launch event for the 7.1 cubic feet Total Capacity LG TWINWash™ washer with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer and Electric Dryer. I have to mention, I don’t attend very many events. Especially ones that happen downtown because I don’t drive in the city. (I’m way out in the suburbs.) But I really wanted to see what this dual washer was like. So, Dean offered to take the afternoon off from his day job and drive me down. 

I am so glad I went!

I found out that the 6.0 cu. ft. front load washer is big enough to fit a king size duvet. (After washing multiple loads of blankets and towels over the holidays, I can say this is definitely true!)

LG TWINWash Combo at event

The TurboWash® Technology mixes the laundry soap with water before it gets to your clothes. This makes the soap go a lot further and spread more evenly throughout your load. Plus, it saves 15 minutes over regular washers in the mixing of soap and water! Watch the quick video below, to see it explained (just pretty please ignore the video orientation – I originally shot the clip for Instagram). 


It also has 6 separate motions, so it can wash different types of clothing in a suitable manner. For example, it can simply cradle your delicates back and forth so they aren’t even tumbled around! 

shannon with LG TWINWash machines

The 1.1 cubic foot SideKick™ (the drawer under the washer) can wash small loads like baby clothes, whites, or delicates. There are even super gentle hand wash and intimate settings for all those pretty little unmentionables.  😉

Dave from LG

The 9.0 cu. ft. Mega Capacity Dryer dries bulky loads accurately – the first time – with ease. And it has TrueSteam™ technology which is like the ultimate ‘throw it in the dryer and get rid of wrinkles’ feature! The SteamFresh™ Cycle refreshes and reduces wrinkles in up to five garments at a time with one 10-minutes dryer cycle. Goodbye, iron! 

And with the LG SmartThinQ® app you can simply select a cycle, start or stop the wash and get notifications about when your laundry will be done, all from your smartphone. It even works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can manage your laundry with simple voice commands. (I haven’t tried this feature yet, but I can’t wait to!)

What I Love About the LG TWINWash™ for Our Laundry Routines

Obviously, before we owned our LG TWINWash™ washer set, I knew there were a lot of features and benefits to love. But there is so much I love about these machines for the way we do laundry at our house.  

Home Made Lovely Laundry Room

First of all, our teenagers do their own laundry.

Basically we assign them one day each week, and they’re supposed to do all their laundry from start to finish. This doesn’t always happen – certain kids need more reminding than others. Those kids will remain nameless for now – but I reserve the right to name them later for bribery purposes. 

I kid.

Anyway, in the past that usually meant that they washed all their things together. White, colors, darks, delicates. They just didn’t want to take the time to separate things. But NOW, they can separate the important things and still get their laundry done even faster than before! (Due to the TurboWash® Technology and the handy SideKick.)

Sidekick Pedestal

(Um, also pretend you don’t see the dust bunny in the back there.)

Sidekick Pedestal open

I also personally LOVE that the new machines are nice and high. (I am getting old, you know. But shhh, don’t tell.) Because both the front load washer and dryer are on pedestals (the washer on the SideKick™ and the dryer on a drawer-style pedestal), I no longer have to bend down to load and unload the machines. And the controls are easy on my aging eyes too! #hallelujah

washer controls with hand

One of my favorite features of the Washer is the sanitize setting. I’m sure other moms will appreciate this..especially other moms who are germaphobes like me!

Over the holidays we had several overnight guests…and I got to sanitize guest bedding and towels between each sleepover! 

I’m thinking of making the teenagers use this setting for their bedding – and maybe their unmentionables – each week too! This time I’m not kidding.

The dryer has a matching feature – The SteamSanitary™ cycle kills bacteria on your clothes and is great for decorative pillows and other non-washable items. And you know I love me some decorative pillows!

LG TwinWash

Finally, one of my favourite options in the Dryer, is this fun little rack that sits inside. You can dry a delicate sweater (or blouse, or something else) while it lays flat! I mean, come on! LG thought of everything!

drying rack inside dryer

Of course, there are so many more handy features like reversible doors (in case your laundry room is configured differently), interior drum lights, levelling legs, etc. All pretty handy in their own right! 

LG TwinWash

LG TWINWash open

It’s safe to say, that laundry day around here no longer sucks, thanks entirely to the LG TWINWash™ washer set with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer!

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