In this post: Our kitchen reno progress.

Once upon a time, a family moved into a new-to-them house 10 days before hosting Christmas. Moving day was beautiful (they wore shirt-sleeves in Ontario in December!) and everything went smoothly. The family unpacked and rearranged and ordered new furniture. The house was ready just in time for company to arrive and over the next few days, a good time was had by all.

After the visitors left, this family plotted and planned a much-needed kitchen renovation – with a smallish budget and a hoped-for short timeline.

However, this family also decided to live life while renovating; nothing was put on pause. Sports, church, holidays all continued at a dizzying pace, as modern family life is bound to do.

And alas, the family has lived in the new-to-them house for nine months – and the kitchen renovation has not yet been completed.

kitchen renovation progress

Have you guessed that we are that family? 🙂

With all of the happenings of life, once we got the kitchen to a functional point, we sort of just stopped working on it. Since the necessities were in place, the pretty things sort of just fell to the bottom of the long “new” house to-do list.

In the spring we set a goal of finishing the kitchen by the end of summer.

Well, summer has come and gone and we still aren’t finished.

In all fairness, we have had several projects on the go at once – the entryway, the family room, #projectlaminate, the dining room.

But now with another holiday approaching (which not-so-coincidentally we’re hosting), we’ve been working almost non-stop to get things ship-shape.

Kitchen Renovation Progress as of September 2013

So here’s where I show you the progress we have actually made and give a run-down list of what’s left to do (à la Young House Love). But first a before photo just for fun!

kitchen before (after dishwasher and microwave)

A little bit dark and aged, yes?

And now here’s where we’re at with the renovations and changes so far…

kitchen progress - whole room

kitchen breakfast bar progress

kitchen progress pantry shelves

kitchen progress fridge wall

kitchen progress fridge

Things left to do

kitchen progress over the range

kitchen progress breakfast bar and side door

  • finish installing laminate through kitchen/side door foyer
  • install toe kick around new drawer unit and breakfast bar
  • install quarter round where needed
  • fix invisible door on stool side of breakfast bar
  • paint breakfast bar
  • add crown molding to bulkhead
  • make and install custom decorative range hood over microwave
  • touch up paint on painted cabinets (they’ve gotten some dings during subsequent renos)
  • wash backsplash (didn’t wash it all after grouting – it’s still kind of cloudy!)
  • move chandelier electric box (no more swagged chandy)
  • add magnetic metal sheeting to interior of cupboard door for spices (so they’re not cluttering up the fridge anymore)
  • find a third vintage yellow Tupperware scoop (for the sugar jar – the other two scoops belonged to my Mom)
  • add dividers to utensil drawer for better organization
  • find more comfortable stools for breakfast bar
  • paint trim around side door
  • change side door hardware
  • get a tray for under the dog dishes (don’t really want them on the new floor!)

But if you compare what’s left to do to what we have done, it doesn’t seem so bad!

Things we’ve done

kitchen progress new dishwasher

kitchen progress open wall shelves

  • Paint walls light grey
  • Paint cupboards
  • Install a full-size dishwasher
  • Install an over-the-range microwave
  • Add storage (industrial shelves for pantry storage)
  • Add breakfast bar/hanging out seating
  • Add mini-fridge
  • Install open wall shelving
  • Install stainless steel counters
  • Remove old backsplash and install white subway tile backsplash (to the ceiling around the window)
  • Install new lighting over sink
  • Install chandelier over breakfast bar
  • Install new blinds
  • Install new faucet
  • Create a command center (mainly to get all the papers off the fridge!)

A few of my favorite things

There are definitely many things I adore about our new (but not quite finished) kitchen. One of them is how light and bright it is. Here are a few other favorites.

kitchen progress dash and albert rug

My stripey Dash & Albert rug on the new hand-scraped laminate.

kitchen progress favorite view to the driveway

The view from the stove – through the dining room, living room, and right out to the driveway.

kitchen progress kitchenaid mixer

One of my Christmas gifts from Dean.

kitchen progress tray

1. Space beside the stove for prepping (there were no counters next to the stove at the Bungalow). 2. A tray of often used cooking items readily at hand.

kitchen progress pfister faucet

price pfister hanover faucet

My brand new Price Pfister Hanover faucet. It totally beats the pants off our old faucet, which was so short that you had to remove the nozzle just to fill a pitcher. Our pretty new Hanover is smooth, tall and gorgeous! Dean also says it was the easiest faucet he’s ever installed. Honestly, it was installed in no time on Saturday morning. Probably due to this tool that came with the faucet:

pfister tool

I don’t know what they call that thing, but Dean was thrilled he didn’t have to try to get a wrench between the two sinks to install the faucet.

Plus the pull-down feature, 360-degree swivel, spray, and stream functions are so stinking smooth and easy to use!!! I keep visiting the sink just to play with Hanover!

And now the sink/window wall is such a pretty focal point with the warehouse pendant and the swan-like neck of the Pfister faucet! So pretty!

kitchen progress

So, that’s where the kitchen is at right now. Hopefully, we will be completely finished really soon. But who knows. Life is weird sometimes.

Do you have any projects that have taken longer than you thought they would? What is your favorite of our kitchen updates so far?


P.S. We purchased or made a lot of what’s in our kitchen so far. BUT…

  • Pfister sent us a faucet to review – and we honestly truly LOVE it!
  • The floors – that are as yet unfinished – are from Lumber Liquidators and are part of #projectlaminate.
  • The Home Depot gave us a gift card that we put towards the beadboard around the new breakfast bar.
  • Homesav gave us the credit that we used to purchase the crystal chandelier.

None of these companies told us which products to choose or made us say nice things about them. Our words are our own and we appreciate their contributions immensely!

shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. Oh that’s looking great you two!! I love the rustic elements up against the white – you do that so well!! I’m sure it’s been a lot of work so far but definitely worth it!

    1. I ment to ask you about your fridge – did you buy it new?? What kind is it?? Thanks Shannon!

    2. It’s a GE. I’m trying to find a name or model number, but no luck yet. Our house’s previous owner bought it at Home Depot about 4 years ago. That’s all I know so far!

  2. I am in love with your kitchen. Let’s talk about your fridge and counter tops. Where did you get both? Our kitchen is our next major reno project and I pretty much share your design vision for yours.

    1. Oh dear!!! The fridge was here when we moved. And Dean made the counters at work (he works for a sheet metal company). I will see what I can find out about the fridge (it’s a GE) and look around for a counter place that does stainless, okay?

    2. So, I’ve asked the previous owner and she said she bought it at Home Depot about four and a half years ago. I can’t find a model number or name for you yet, but I will keep looking!

    3. Yes, he works in a sheet metal shop. They don’t make counters as part of the business. However the machinery they have is capable. 🙂

  3. Hello my dear friend! I’ve been put on a task of finding some wire baskets for our front entry bench and I admit I am at a total loss (i.e. I am sooo not a shopper) and I think what my dear husband is thinking of is similar to what you have on the bottom shelf in your kitchen. Any idea where I might look for those? 🙂

  4. Wow, that looks awesome so far! All the little loose ends can sometimes take the longest, strange but true! Love your fridge and I have Kitchen-aide mixer envy! I am saving up my Canadian Tire money for one of those bad boys! True story!

    1. I wanted a KitchenAid Mixer for ages. Dean actually bought this one at Canadian Tire for $199.99 CAD on Boxing Day (it was technically a Christmas gift but he wanted me to choose). Save that Canadian Tire money – you’ll be amazed how fast it adds up!

  5. Crazy you’ve lived there almost a year!! Our kitchen is basically done, but still waiting on hardware to arrive! Just found out its on back order, yay 🙁 lol —

    I really like the open shelves in your kitchen and how your were able to add extra storage and seating to the excisting kitchen layout! 🙂

    1. At first the counters were too shiny – every scratch showed. But now they are more worn, I guess you could say. Still shiny but scratches and fingerprints aren’t a problem. I wipe them with a damp cloth for everyday cleaning up spills and crumbs. Once a week I give them a bit of a polish with stainless steel cleaner just for a little extra care. I really adore them!!!

  6. Your kitchen is so pretty! I love your gray walls. What kind and color paint did you use? It’s so hard to find a gray that doesn’t look blue. Thanks so much!

  7. Loving the progress and the addition of the steel shelves is stunning!
    Saw on SCHED that you are going to BlogPodium. Looking forward to meeting you.


  8. Completely in love with your kitchen! Where did you get those shelves? They EXACTLY what I have been looking for for my dinning room. Those brackets look like some from Ikea I already had, but I could NEVER find the right shelf to fit in it. Did y’all just cut and stain the wood yourselves? Anyway, everything look beautiful!

    1. You could use the ikea brackets. Dean made ours from leftover countertop material. And yes, the actual shelves are wood stained with minwax dark walnut!!!