Due to popular request – namely from my Mom – today we’re sharing a bit of a kitchen progress update!

The very first thing we had to do in our kitchen reno was to make the kitchen functional.

Kitchen Progress – Dishwasher

The kids and I spend our days at home learning and crafting, which means we are also home for all three meals most days. Which means more dishes than I assume is normal for family who is gone all day. If you recall the original dishwasher was a wee bit tiny for our family of five…

We were running that puppy once or twice a day, PLUS hand-washing several large items like pots and pans. From the photo above, it’s obvious why an 18″ dishwasher was used though…the cabinet opening was only 18″. Which meant that to fit a full-size dishwasher in the same space, Dean had to do some cabinet reconstructive surgery.

If you noticed the funky cabinet side sticking out past the edge of the counter top, no worries; the old counters are soon to be replaced with stainless so that won’t be an issue at all!

Kitchen Progress – Microwave

The next functional thing to be addressed in the kitchen was the microwave.

We purchased a counter top microwave the weekend we moved in. For me a microwave is a NECESSITY. I make all of our dog’s food in it, plus I’m a wee bit in love with our Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker. Anyway, we planned on keeping the counter top version, but it died after two weeks use! In-sane! So back it went and we decided to go with an over-the-range version like we had in the Bungalow.

Unfortunately that also required some cabinet reconstructive surgery too.

(At this point I have to give Dean a huge amount of credit – I was out when he was working on this project, and HE SET UP THE CAMERA AND TOOK PICS all by himself!!!! What a good blogger hubby!)

Kitchen Progress – Industrial Shelving

One of our kitchen must haves was open shelving that gave a bit of an industrial / farmhouse/ loft feeling to our space. Enter the RH Knockoff Shelves from our old living room.

When we originally built the shelves we used palette wood to keep it cheap. The only problem with that in the kitchen was that the plates and bowls wouldn’t sit quite flat leaving them clanging every time someone walked by. So we upgraded to some laminated pine project boards. You can see that I’ve only gotten to replacing the top two on each shelf and still have to finish the remaining shelves.

The Pottery Barn Numbers art propped on top actually serves to hide an old clock plug-in and the wires for the lights.

I still have some organizing to do in the lower baskets and I’m still trying to decide whether I will add canvas liners to the wire food baskets or not. Thoughts?

Kitchen Progress – Other Stuff (!)

Another must-have kitchen item was a breakfast bar/ hangout area of sorts. That too is coming along, but obviously needs finishing. There will be beadboard and trim.

I’ve painted all the walls in the kitchen a soothing cool color called Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams and I got the HUGE Ikea clock I’ve been drooling over for ages, plus we now have a fully stocked mini fridge for when family and friends visit!

(I still have to paint the walls in that little hallway at the end of this picture. Bye-bye yellow/orange).

 So, we still need to:

  • paint the existing cabinets
  • add trim to the breakfast bar
  • add kick to new cabinets
  • level the mini fridge!
  • install the stainless steel counter tops
  • spray paint the existing handles and add new drawer pulls
  • install subway tile backsplash
  • change light fixture over the breakfast bar
  • change light fixture over the sink
  • figure out new window coverings (we overlook our neighbors side door)
  • paint window frame
  • install garbage a recycling pullouts
  • install open shelving on wall over mini fridge for glasses and mugs

What do you think? Do you like the new paint color? Do you think we should whip up some basket liners for the wire food storage baskets? Or should we leave them as is?

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  1. Wow! You’ve done so much in the short time since you’ve been there. Love seeing your progress and that paint color is just perfect. x

  2. I love the paint color. I think some canvas liners would be less cluttered looking visually as we wouldn’t be seeing all of the different colored packaging. But, then you wouldn’t be able to see the items inside the baskets so easily..perhaps labeling them would solve that? love the progress posts too!

  3. You two are amazing! I can’t believe how much you have accomplished already.
    I’m giving my kitchen an update too and will be installing a microwave over the stove. How did Dean cut the cabinet down to fit the microwave?
    I am looking forward to seeing the stainless counters. Is it cost effective? I was thinking of installing the ikea butcher block but then it became price prohibitive once I measured. The other alternative is the laminate that ikea sells, but I like your idea.

    Great work so far and I love the colour you chose.

    1. Hi Mel, Dean actually took the cabinet down and cut it shorter and put it back up. The stainless is cost effective for us because Dean works in sheet metal and is making them at work. I haven’t checked stainless vs other countertops. Sorry!

  4. Wow,you guys work fast! I would add liners to the baskets,so it doesn’t look as busy. What kind of fridge is that? It looks great.

  5. I think it looks fantastic!!! Have you thought of swapping the fridge and stove? That new counter you just added and it’s corner would feel more open. Not to mention the added bonus of having counter on both sides of the stove. Keep up the great work…it’s fun following along.

    1. We looked at several options for layout and ultimately chose this one because it gave us the most bang for our buck so to speak.

  6. Looks like it’s really coming along. Your shelves look so great in the kitchen and I love how you organized them!

    1. Me too! The liners will probably happen, but not for awhile. So much to paint in the house!

  7. Hi Shannon, Hi Dean! It’s my first time visiting your site…fabulous! This kitchen post drew my attention just because my kitchen is in such DIRE need of a makeover. I love the black industrial shelving with the wire baskets. It looks really sharp.