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Introducing the Abundant Life Printable Planner!

In this post: Getting organized and staying organized can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Introducing the Abundant Life Printable Planner!

I’m so excited to share the printable planner you can really use and customize to your heart’s content!

The Abundant Life Printable Planner

I have always used a planner. When I was younger, it was simply a way for me to keep track of work information, to keep my work life at work. Now that I’m a bit older *cough* I depend on my planner to keep my days on track, so I can wade through my to do list without (too much) distraction, and to keep me from forgetting things.

For me, a printed planner is essential. Age-wise I straddle that weird time-frame where I remember writing everything by hand in high school, but fully embraced computers and all manner of devices from my college years on. Over the years, I’ve used all sort of planners. Digital and paper.

Eventually I just designed my own printable planner, which we recreated and rebranded as The Abundant Life Printable Planner.

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So what is the Abundant Life Printable Planner and why do we think you’ll love it?

We designed the Abundant Life Printable Planner to be easy on your wallet!

Not January when you finally decide to get organized? No problem! Aside from the monthly pages (which are currently included up to March 2021, and will get added to), the Abundant Life Printable Planner is undated. This means you can jump into using it at any point in the year.

And, we’ve deliberately designed it in Black and White, and at a super low cost so you save money on printing costs and still get a stylish planner!

I’m so excited about this…it’s SO good! 

Plus, you can reprint it month after month and year after year from ONE PDF download!

We designed the Abundant Life Printable Planner so you can check everything off your to-do list!

The key part of The Abundant Life Planner are The Daily Planner pages.

We created an everyday planner page that includes everything you need to stay organized from day to day…a schedule, space for to-do’s and even a water tracker to keep you well-hydrated!

You can keep track of meetings and your busy schedule. Plus there’s room for your own notes and scribbles!

We designed the Abundant Life Printable Planner so you never miss an important date again!

Inside the planner there are twelve monthly pages for you to keep track of appointments and important dates. We’ve even designed them so you can print them and stylishly display them on a clipboard or bulletin board, if you’d like.

Plus we’ve included anniversary and birthday trackers too. So now you can keep track of important dates all in one place!

We designed the Abundant Life Printable Planner so you can plan and meet your goals like a boss!

In this year’s brand new planner edition, we’ve included not only regular goal planning worksheets, but also brainstorming sheets and trackers so you know where you’ve nailed it…and where you still need to make progress.

And we designed the Abundant Life Printable Planner so you can do even more with your days, weeks and months!

We’ve also included Blog Post Planning Sheets for bloggers, a Weekly and Monthly PlannerNotes and To-Do Lists, a Menu Planning Worksheet (with instructions for how to use it) and even a Memory Tracker too.

And every single page has been stylishly designed to coordinate. So you can be organized and fashionable too!

What’s Included in The Abundant Life Printable Planner?

This year’s planner has over 30 printable pages! The worksheets and planning pages that are included are:

  • The Daily Plan – a daily planner page that you can print as many copies of as you like!
  • 2 different Notes pages
  • Dedicated To-Do List page
  • Plan Your Week Worksheet
  • Blog Post Planner – for those of you who are bloggers
  • This Week’s Meal Plan – menu planner for your busy life
  • A mind map style Brainstorming Worksheet
  • A multi-purpose Planning Worksheet
  • 5 Goal Setting and Tracking Worksheets including – Goal Planning, Big Picture Goals, Goals by Month, Monthly Goals and Goals in Review
  • Month at a Glance Worksheet with space for Important Dates, To Do’s, Bills to Pay, Top 3 Goals, Income and Savings Goals, Habits and Books to Read
  • Project Planner for any type of project, large or small
  • Birthday Tracker
  • Anniversary Tracker
  • Memory Keeper

How do I print and put the planner together?

We’re glad you asked! We actually wrote a post about that right here.

How much is The Abundant Life Printable Planner?

We’ve spent a lot of time on this planner, designing individual pages, including all the elements. But we did so in a way that meant we could provide the planner as inexpensively as possible.

The Abundant Life Printable Planner is available now for only $10 CAD. Yes, Canadian. That means our American readers get a deal because U.S. dollars are worth more than Canadian dollars. And for our Canadian friends, you too save money because you don’t have to pay any exchange!

planner in pink binder on desktop

We genuinely hope we’ve put together a great resource for you in this planner. We’d love to hear what you think of it!

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