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In this post: Beautiful farmhouse style furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are several options for beautiful, inexpensive tufted armchairs. 

I’m not sure when it happened. I think it was just before the holidays when the house was full of greenery and twinkle lights and all the Christmas things. I began to feel unsettled and overcrowded every time I was hanging out on our main floor. In our living room (or in view of our living room) to be specific. Like it was too busy. Too cluttered. Too much. 

Previously, our living room was one of my favorite spaces. But I think, after a couple of years of stress, I was just craving more simplicity. Fewer things, less contrast. More visual peace. 

So, over the last few weeks, my mind began to ponder and dream of what that sort of airy, yet cozy, space would look like if I were to reimagine the room. What colors would I use? What colors would I get rid of? Which furniture would I keep? Which pieces would I part with? (Truthfully, we can’t buy all new furniture. But that’s part of why I love our Ikea Ektorp couches…the slipcovers can be changed for way less than a whole new couch!)

As I chatted with Dean about all of this, I remembered that he never loved the two chairs by the fireplace. Don’t get me wrong. They’re fine. They were a steal when we bought them second-hand a couple years ago. Our guests love to sink into them. But they’ve always been a bit too large for the space. They block too much of the fireplace. I find them to be a little less than supportive of my back and neck. And they cover up TWO heating and air conditioning vents in the floor. We’ve sort of just lived with them due to time and budget. Until now. 

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen me hint at new sofa covers, new rugs, and a new coffee table build. You may even have seen a sneak peek at an armchair over there. We’ll be making over more of the living room in the next few weeks. But for today, I wanted to take you virtually shopping with me for new tufted armchairs. So, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and come look at pretty, budget-friendly farmhouse style tufted armchairs with me!

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Where to Find Beautiful Inexpensive Farmhouse Tufted Armchairs

If you live in the U.S. and love farmhouse style, consider yourself very lucky! If you live in Canada, like we do, finding decent farmhouse style furniture can be tricky. We’ve finally caught up with much of the other farmhouse decor options. But farmhouse furniture style still seems to be lacking. So, my goal with this post is to share online sources for both Americans and my fellow Canadians to find beautiful, inexpensive, farmhouse-style tufted armchairs. 

My favorite places to find farmhouse style furniture, in this case tufted armchairs, are listed below. In the case of brick and mortar or big box stores, sometimes the selection is good, sometimes not. The upside to local stores though, is that you can sit on and try out chairs before you buy them. But the upside to online shopping is that you can surf around several places from the comfort of your own home in any weather. Where you shop sort of depends on your preferences and location, really. And regardless of where you shop, for accent chairs, when you see something you like, it’s best to grab it right away. It’s better to have to return something you don’t like than it is to go back and not find something you loved!

Where to Find Beautiful Inexpensive Farmhouse Tufted Armchairs in Canada and the U.S.:

10 Beautiful Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Style Tufted Armchairs

Who knows, if you’re in the market for a new chair or two, maybe you’ll find the perfect one(s) on my top 10 list below! 

If the one you love is out of stock, be sure to turn on notifications for restocking at the retailer. 

Holtz Club Chair

Holtz Club Chair – this club chair seems a little more formal than the rest for some reason, but I love it!

Hercules Madison Bomber Chair – this one is super rich looking and I could see it either in a dark and dramatic den or mixed with lighter furniture in a more feminine space. 

Elizabeth – Definitely more traditional, but still super lovely. 

mylah tufted barrel chair

Mylah Barrel Chair – I LOVE the look of this one, particularly the legs!

Abbot Chesterfield Style Club Chair – This is a nice twist on the classic chesterfield style club chair. 

Renovo Slipper Chair

Renovo Slipper Chair – this barely qualifies as an armchair due to the small arms, but I think it’s adorable!

Christopher Knight Home Tufted (Bonded) Leather Club Chair – An affordable option if you love the look of leather club chairs. 

leon tufted armchair

Leon Armchair – this one has a lovely shape as well, though Dean didn’t love the castors. 

Palafox armchair

Palafox Armchair – another beautiful shape with tufting on the back AND seat. 

Loredana barrel chair

Loredana Barrel Chair – this one fits a lot of styles too and the leg color is perfect. (It’s often out of stock though, sorry!)

Odom armchair

Odom Armchair – perhaps slightly less traditional and a little more whimsical in shape than the others. 

Eleanor Armchair

Eleanor Armchair – while I adore the shape of this chair, it doesn’t seem like a comfy movie watching chair

studded tufted armchair

Studded Tufted Accent Chair – the studded accent on this chair makes it a little different than some of the others. 

brown leather tufted chair

Antique Brown Leather Chair – the only dark chair on my list, this lovely chair would be perfect in a basement family room or man cave, don’t you think? 

Phew! There are quite a few great farmhouse-style tufted armchair options!

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Which chair is your favorite?

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