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How-To: Window Boxes

Since it’s finally nice and cool for working outside again, we’re back to tell show you how we built our window boxes for The Curb Appeal Series!

I always pictured our little white bungalow with window boxes. In fact the two front windows complete with black shutters just kept whispering “we need some window boxes, we need some window boxes”.

Okay, so they didn’t actually whisper to me. Yikes.

But from the day we first saw our house, I imagined it with window boxes overflowing with blooms in the spring and summer and filled with branches and boughs in the fall and winter.


Last summer we picked up some pre made window boxes – you know the ones made of bent black rod and that fibre insert thing? Unfortunately they weren’t wide enough for our windows. So back to the store they went. And our windows remained box-less for another season.

Can you guess what was on the top of my list for this whole curb appeal thing this spring?


Window Boxes.

So, how did we build ours? Check it out…

Tools Needed:

  • drill
  • jigsaw
  • sander
  • compound mitre saw
  • table saw
  • level
  • pencil
  • measuring tape

Materials Needed:

  • cedar: 2″x6″ for brackets, 1″x6″ for box and trim
  • deck and fence screws

How-To Tips:

  • Click on the photos to see more detail
  • Window Box size depends on window width
  • Three brackets may be used if boxes are really wide
  • Use deck and fence screws to avoid rust
  • Freehand bracket on paper first, then trace onto wood
  • Using a table saw, rip trim pieces from 1″x6″


We chose to make our window boxes just over 6 inches in depth – just big enough to accommodate 6 inch pots for easy-peasy “planting”.

Cheating? Maybe.

Time-saver? Definitely.

We lived with the untreated cedar boxes for several weeks before we decided to stain them a dark ebony to go with the shutters and help them not stand out so much.

What do you think of our window boxes? Do you like the black or prefer the cedar? Do you have any windows that could use some sprucing up?



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Our Window Boxes project was sponsored by The Home Depot as part of The Curb Appeal Series. You can see the rest of the projects as well as a cost breakdown here. All work, ideas and opinions are – as always – our own! For all of our policies, please visit our Policies page.


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