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How to Use Pinterest to Organize (and Shop) Your Decorating Inspiration

There’s this really  fabulous tool that’s free to use. Here’s how to use Pinterest to organize your decorating inspiration. 

It’s a shame really. Such a waste. It’s a great resource. And it’s free. But hardly anyone is using it to its full potential. It gets lumped in with all the other social media sites, but it’s not really, well, social. But you can definitely learn how to use Pinterest to organize your decorating inspiration!

How to Use Pinterest to Organize Your Decorating Inspiration pin

Let’s back up a little.

It used to be that when you wanted to collect decorating ideas, you had to go out and buy a magazine and peruse its many pages to find inspiration. (Admittedly there’s still something to be said for sitting down with a cup of tea/glass of wine and a real magazine.) Then as you were flipping through if you liked an image, you could rip the page out of the magazine and save it in a clipping file. Or you could just hoard all the magazines. You know, your choice. 🙂

But even though those glossy magazine images were often the source of inspiration, they also quite often seemed unreachable and unrealistic because they were designer homes. They were perfectly staged and styled and the things inside them were only found at high end stores or through a designer.

And then along came Pinterest. 

Sure there are lots of perfectly styled, massive homes that the average person will never even see, let alone own. BUT there are also loads of beautiful rooms styled by real people with realistic budgets. People like you and me.


You Should Use Pinterest to Organize Your Decorating Inspiration

Pinterest is essentially like having all your favorite magazines, bloggers, designers and decorators in the same place. You can find any decorating style combination you like for every room in your home. You can search, browse and – this is the best part  – save images you love.

And you can organize them so you can actually find them later!

How to Use Pinterest to Organize Your Decorating Inspiration

1. If you haven’t already, go to Pinterest.com and sign up for a Pinterest account.

2. Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your account, sign in to Pinterest.

3. Create your first board. This is like that file folder full of magazine clippings. Boards are the key to organizing your found ideas. My suggestion is that the first one you create should be called something like Home Decor Inspiration – General.


4. After you create your first board, you can create as many boards as you like. I would suggest you create a new one for each room you’re planning to work on. Then as you browse Pinterest whilst waiting in line to pick up your kids from school, you know exactly where to place which saved image. (Hint: This will come in especially handy as you go through the FREE 5 Steps to Finding Your Personal Style guide!)

BONUS – Pinterest Makes it Easy to Find Product Sources on Pinterest So You Can Shop Your Decorating Inspiration Too!

Have you ever found an image you like online and desperately wanted to know where the chandelier or the wallpaper came from?

Well Pinterest makes it easy with it’s magnifying glass tool (on mobile). Just choose an image, tap the magnifying glass and zoom into the item you want to source. Pinterest will give you several comparable options, which often include the original source.



You can use this trick to find light fixtures, rugs, wallpaper, furniture and more!

Plus if your boards are all organized this whole finding your personal decorating style and learning how to decorate your home becomes a whole lot easier. 

So are YOU on Pinterest yet? Have you organized your boards and used them to their fullest? If not, why not?

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  1. I have used Pinterest for several years, but you have motivated me to sort of “pick up where I left off” with decorating, now that I’m a new empty-nester. I’m heading over to follow you right now – I just LOVE your style! Thanks for making my Monday!!

  2. Shannon, thank you for all your inspritation. I have looked at each design and each project over and over and just keep going back to reread them. Once again thank you!