In this post: We’ve all had those days from time to time. A rough homeschool day can leave us wondering why we’ve gone down this road of homeschooling in the first place. Here are 6 easy to turn around a crappy homeschool day. 

Have you ever been knee deep into a school day when you realize that it’s just not working? The kids are whiny and unfocused, you’ve lost your temper on them more than a couple of times, and the clock keeps ticking away while nothing seems to be getting done!

We’ve all had those days from time to time. A crappy homeschool day can leave us wondering why we’ve gone down this road of homeschooling in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

How do we get ahead of a crappy day and stop it in its tracks?

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6 Ways to Turn Around a Crappy Homeschool Day

01. Catch it early

You’re already knee deep into this bad day, but there’s still time to get out before the quicksand pulls you all the way under. The earlier you recognize the signs of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day coming on, the easier it is to change course. As soon as you notice that things are off kilter, don’t hesitate to jump right into the rest of these steps.

02. Stop, drop, and pray

We should be hitting our knees every day anyway, but an exceptionally bad homeschool day calls for extra time before the throne of grace. God is the only one who can really turn this day around. Don’t be afraid to stop everything and pray. Start by spending some time with the Lord on your own, then gather the kids and pray together. It’ll be a sweet time for all of you.

03. Turn to the Word

Memorizing Scripture comes in handy on days like this. If you aren’t in the habit yet, it’s time to start! You could also simply declare it Bible class and just start reading aloud. Or hide away in your closet and read on your own. Posting Scripture verses about your house and homeschool space is also very helpful any day of the week. God’s Word has everything we need, so run to it any time you’re in need!

04. Throw out the plan

Sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to shove a lesson down your child’s throat and the child keeps spitting it back in your face. That’s a pretty good sign that your day is not about to get any better without taking some drastic measures. Toss the lesson, or save it for another day, and do something totally different. I don’t mean move on to math or handwriting. I mean scrap it all for the day and play LEGOs instead. Grab some board games or bake up some cookies together. Take some time to just be with your kids without an agenda to accomplish. Snuggle with them, laugh with them, just be with them, and your bad day will melt away.

05. Get outside

There’s all sorts of studies out there that have found that getting some fresh air has wonderful health benefits. One major benefit is it improves your mood! On a crappy day, everyone could use a mood boost. Bring the school work outside. Go for a hike. Take a picnic to a nearby park. Don’t let the weather deter you. If you all need to layer up for play in the snow or grab some umbrellas to go for a walk in the rain, it’ll be worth it!

06. Reevaluate

If crappy days seem to be the norm, it may be time to take a good, hard look at what’s really going on. Is the curriculum not working? Does your method of homeschooling need some adjustment? Could it be time to send your kids to traditional school? Seek God’s wisdom and the wise counsel of those who have gone before you in this journey.

tired homeschooled boy with his face in his books

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No matter which direction your homeschool day started toward, you can change the course. Make it a good day.

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