In this post: Run a home-based business and homeschool to experience the joy of spending time with your kids at the same time. It can be challenging but with a few tips in this article, you can make it work smoothly.

Running a business from home has its own set of challenges. Add homeschooling on top of that and you have a roller coaster going. How do you balance between the two? You could wait until you head blows from all that pressure or you could just read the following tips on how to homeschool successfully while running a home-based business.

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How to successfully homeschool and run a home-based business

01. Create a water-tight schedule

There is no going around this. You cannot possibly run a successful business at home and still homeschool unless you have a very clear and precise schedule going on. Schedules will keep you, your family, your business, and homeschooling in check. The kids need to know exactly what they are supposed to do at what time. So do you.

But be flexible! Things with kids and small businesses can change often. 

02. Concentrate on one task at a time

Multitasking is a good thing but it won’t work in this unless you are superwoman. You cannot match talking to clients and teaching your kids at the same time. Create a time for every task and work on each at a time. You will find balance very fast and things will fall right into place seamlessly.

03. Learn to say No

Moms find it hard to say No to most things. Everyone seems to want a piece of you and you do not want to disappoint them. Sorry to disappoint you but you will have to learn how to say No and stick to that. Let the kids and other family members know you are trying to juggle between putting food on the table and educating them at the same time. You cannot meet all demands.

04. Get some help

If you have a supporting spouse, that is great. Homeschooling is tough enough. Homeschooling and running a home-based business at the same time can drive you nuts. If possible, hire a nanny to take care of the kids when they are not learning. That way, you are able to concentrate on your work without worrying whether the kids are trying to kill each other in the backyard.

05. Don’t just look and seem busy, make money!

You might spend hours behind a computer and become very busy doing everything else apart from what you should actually be doing; making money. Avoid distractions. You only have so much time before the next geography lesson, so get busy making an actual income.

06. Engage the kids and give them chores

Giving chores to your kids is a wonderful way of instilling a sense of responsibility into them. It also gives you some time to get some work done. Delegate easy tasks to them. Do not worry if they will do them badly. You can always correct them later. Take advantage of this time to finish off that overdue report.

07. Be organized

This should be automatic. Create racks and storage areas to store books. Make sure they are accessible. You can recycle used mayonnaise jars to store pens, markers, and rulers. Be creative. The more organized you are, the less time you spend looking for learning materials. This might just save you some time to do some business in the day.

how to homeschool and run a home business

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With a little bit of extra effort, it is possible to homeschool and still work from home. If done right, this can be a rewarding experience in that you get to make money and still spend quality time teaching and learning stuff with your kids.

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