In this post: It’s so easy to forget to spend time with God when life gets busy. But that’s when we need to even more. Here are some ways you can sneak in small moments of God time.

Have you ever been crawling into bed and realized you didn’t spend any time with God? Sometimes this is mind boggling! This just means that you need to be more intentional with spending time with God throughout the day. Here are some ways you can sneak in small moments of God time.

How to spend more time with god as illustrated by woman praying leaning against a brick wall

5 Ways to Spend More Time with God Each Day

01. Right when you wake up

Yes, don’t even reach for your phone or anything else, reach for your bible. Spending time with God first thing is always a good idea. Put your bible right beside your night stand and reach for it first thing. Do this every night and it’ll become a welcomed habit!

02. In the carpool lane

When you’re picking up the kids, start praying and spending time with God. Even if you have little ones in the car, you can easily try to tune them out and spend some time with Jesus. You can even get them involved in praying and reading God’s word.

03. Listen to music in the car or at home

It’s easy for us to turn on the radio and listen to whatever is on. To be more intentional about spending time with God, turn on worship music. Surround yourself with music that draws you closer to God. Try to forget about everything else and focus on worshiping God. He wants to spend time with you and this is such a great way to do it.

04. Put bible verses up around your house

When you spend time in your house, it’s wise to have bible verses hanging around. It’s so easy to feel discouraged and let down by every day life. Bible verses are a good reminder of who is in charge. It’s also good to know that God is with you and you’re never alone!

05. Slow down a few times a day

Our lives make it hard to slow down. There is one way to sneak in small moments of God time throughout the day and that is by reading your bible a little bit at a time. Those small moments will add up to be big ones in your spiritual life.

06. Memorize verses

If you’re not good at memorizing, this can be hard. However, memorizing scripture can help you have a little bit of God time, no matter where you are. Make it a goal to memorize scripture at least once a week.

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How do you find yourself sneaking in small moments of God time throughout the day?

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  1. Thank you so much Shannon,this was encouraging and beautiful to read.I am definitely going to do all of the above.Much love ❤