In this post: How to organize with kids in the house…so you don’t lose your sanity! Color coding, taming the paper clutter, avoiding perfectionism and more.

Want to know how to organize with kids in the house?!

Keeping your home clean and organized with children around is sometimes a bit like pulling teeth. They have this bad habit of setting things down and walking off, leaving stuff lying around. They even have the nerve to claim ‘it wasn’t me’ or ‘I didn’t do it’ or ‘not me’.

(Source – Family Circus, by Bil Keane)

Life with kids is never dull.

How to Organize with Kids in the House

how to organize with kids in the house

1. Storage is Key

Storage is key to organizing your home with children. Stuff accumulates faster than you can imagine when you have little ones saving every paper, rock, and miss matched sock they can get a hold of. By incorporating as much storage in your home as possible you give all of that stuff a place to belong. When everything has a home cleaning is easier and the mess is less likely to take over the entire home.

2. Kids Need to Pitch In

Put the kids to work cleaning and organizing the house. When you involve your children in organizing the home they are more likely to do their part to keep it that way just a bit longer. The responsibility of keeping the house organized should not be all on you when your children contribute to the mess.

3. Color Code Everything

Color coding everything isn’t something we found we needed to do to keep kids organized. But we’ve heard great things about it from other families. Color coded dishes, laundry baskets, towels, school supplies and pretty much anything your children use around the house. If you can not find everything in the colors you need a bit of colored duct tape is a great way to color code nearly anything your family needs. When something is found wandering around the house you know who left it just by looking at the color. Children can not fight over objects that are clearly marked by who owns them and the blame game because obsolete.

4. Tame the Paper Clutter

Paper clutter from kids schooling can leave a home disorganized easy. Using folders and file boxes is a great way to fix the cluttered mass of papers your children bring home day after day. Store things worth keeping right away when cleaning out back packs. A great way to organize with kids and cut down on the paper clutter is to go digital when storing art projects, exams, and other papers you may be tempted to keep. Scan or photograph to store. A backup cloud storage like google drive is a good choice. If you really want to go paperless, but don’t know where to start, you need The Paperless Home by Donnie (and Abby) Lawson.

5. Empty a Room

Did things already get out of control in a room? It happens and the best way to fix it is to start fresh. Toss everything out of the room in question and organize as you bring it back in. This is a great way to deep clean your storage, declutter, and switch up your organization system all at once. One room a weekend allows for you to get through your entire home in just a few months and maintain all of that hard work for the long term.

6. Don’t Expect Perfect

Lastly sometimes like with everything else when you have kids in your life you just have to lower your expectations. No, your home may never look like a stunning perfectly organized photo from Pinterest and the truth is that is ok. Keeping dirt and germs at bay should always come before perfect organization because with kids messy is always better than dirty.

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Today’s Takeaway

Once again, if you get your home organized you will find that you are much more thankful and able to love your home, than if it is always in a state of utter disaster!

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