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Learn how to make yarn wrapped hearts to use in your decor this Valentine’s Day. Or use any color yarn, to make them fun for any season.

Hello, my friends! I’m sharing a super simple craft with you today. Sometimes, it’s the simplest crafts that are the most fun to make. Like these easy yarn wrapped hearts. You can make them with really basic materials, dress them up for any season and make a handful of them in less than 30 minutes! 

Yarn Wrapped Hearts

I’d planned to make these years ago, but for some reason it was stuck in my head that I had to make them pink or red for Valentine’s Day. When I finally realized – duh – that I could make them in neutral colors like white and off-white to go with our decor, I was so happy! (It’s the little things, really, that make me smile.) 

How to Make Yarn Wrapped Hearts

The only downside to making several of these, is that, well, it’s kinda boring. I’m not a good production person. So, if you’re like me in that way, just turn on your favorite guilty pleasure TV show or listen to your favorite music while you work. The time will fly by and you’ll have plenty of yarn wrapped hearts for your decor before you know it! 

yarn wrapped hearts in dough bowl




1. Draw several heart shapes on cardstock or cardboard. You can draw them all the same size. Or you can draw various sizes. The day I made these was recycling day, which meant there was no cardboard for me to use. Obviously, I planned that well! So, I pulled a few pieces of cardstock out of my paper & craft stash. This actually turned out to be a bonus because I could fold the cardstock and cut more heart shapes at a time. 

2. Cut out your heart shapes. 

3. Leaving your yarn attached to the ball, begin to wrap yarn around one heart shaped piece of cardstock or cardboard. You will need to hold the loose end in place until it is held in place by the wrapped yarn. I suppose you could glue it, but I didn’t find that necessary. 

4. Continue to wrap the yarn around your cardstock or cardboard heart. Change direction to make it interesting. Your hearts will be ‘puffier’ or thicker in the middle, due to overlapping yarn. This just adds to the maker charm! 

5. Once you have sufficiently covered the card stock, simply trim the yarn and tuck it into the back side of your heart. Wrap it around a few strands to secure it. For good measure, you can glue it in place if you’d like. (I didn’t.)

You can display yarn wrapped hearts in a bowl or antique looking mini dough bowl, like I have. Or you can string them onto another piece of yarn to make a hanging garland too! 

Video Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial for how to make the yarn wrapped hearts. 

I’d love to know what you think of our new style of video tutorial, below. Do you like seeing my face and hearing me talk? Does it load well for you? Does it make following along better/easier?

Please be kind, it’s new to us to do things this way! 


how to make yarn wrapped hearts pin

Have you made these super simple yarn wrapped hearts before?