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In this post: Everyone always asks where we got our burlap bunting. So we’re going to show you how to make burlap bunting. It’s easier than you think!

I don’t know how many times y’all have asked about our burlap buntings. So I thought I’d show you how to make your very own!

burlap bunting banners on faux mantel with decor

Before I tell you how to make burlap bunting, I want to say that ages ago (like years!) I purchased two burlap banners from an etsy shop that is no longer in business – both the love banner over our bed and the nest banner we used in our spring decorating.

But I’ve since discovered that they’re actually really easy to make!

The basic tutorial I share below can be expanded upon and embellished with paint (layered and gorgeous) or other items like nests, paper, flowers, etc. Or it can be left un-embellised to add simple texture to your decor!

How To Make Burlap Bunting



1. Cut triangles to your desired size from your burlap.

2. Fold the top edge of each of the burlap triangles over about an inch. Trim off the extra little bit that sticks out.

3. Cut jute to the length you want your banner to be, plus some extra lengths to hang down the sides. If you use more than one length of jute, tie them together into a knot at one end to keep them from wiggling around during the next steps.

4. Pin jute into the folded burlap with stick pins.

5. Using a zigzag stitch (whatever it’s called – I’m totally not technical with sewing!), sew the jute into the burlap.

6. Optional – Now position your letter stencils, and stencil on your word. Of course as with all stencilling, dab the excess paint off your brush onto a napkin. And since burlap isn’t solid fabric, place a sheet of paper under the burlap to keep the paint from leaking through.

7. Optional – Tie ribbons onto jute if desired. If you tied a knot to keep the jute together, untie it now.

That’s it! Just hang it up, letting the curly ends of the jute hang down. Delicious.

fall bunting on mantle

Great for any season!

What do you think? Have you tried making your own burlap bunting?

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