In this post: Homeschooling can easily become very expensive, so in this post I’m offering tips on how you can homeschool for free or at the very least, for less.

Whether it was always your intention to homeschool, or you’ve been thrown into it, homeschooling can become expensive. But there are ways to reduce your homeschool-related costs. Here are seven ways to homeschool for free, or for less! 

how to homeschool for free

Is it Possible to Homeschool for Free?

If not well checked, homeschooling can create a considerable dent in your bank account. There’s no shortage of resources to buy, books, crafts, planners and ever-changing curriculums.

But, as a 15 year veteran homeschooling mom, I know that it can be done for way less, and often for free!

See why we began homeschooling over 15 years ago in this post. 

7 Ways to Homeschool for Free (Or For Less)

1. Find a free curriculum

Homeschooling curriculums are very many and it could be a challenge trying to learn which one gives you value for your money.

Before you spend any money on a curriculum, consider taking a look at the curriculums made available for free online. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that many of these free curriculums are not only certified but contain content that is perfectly suited for what your kids are supposed to learn.

Tip: Make sure you check to see if they meet the requirements of your state or province, if you plan to homeschool for the long haul and eventually maybe even put your kids back in school.

2. Find free books and magazines online

There is no shortage of books, magazines and other learning material online that you can use at your convenience.

Find free Kindles on Amazon and download books from other places online. These books can be extremely valuable.

Find ones that are age-appropriate and suited to your style of teaching.

3. Use the Internet as a free resource

You can find information on almost anything on earth online.

Go online and find videos, articles and even teaching aids that are offered completely free by other people.

Use a blog (such as this one) to find information on homeschooling, challenges they faced, their successes and tips on how you can do this successfully.

Follow what others have done in the past and you could stumble on something important that will enable your school for free or on a budget.

Tip: Many museums and zoos are sharing online virtual tours right now. A simple Google search for a specific museum or zoo will give you great ideas!

4. Do not buy new, buy old

You can save quite a lot of money if you decide to buy used resources, instead of buying new resources all the time.

Find flea markets, garage sales and thrift shops where you can source crafts, used books and other material to help with your homeschooling.

Tip: In case of things being closed, you can search online for used curriculum, books, etc. 

5. Use the local library

This may seem outdated but the local library has a lot of books and material that could enable you homeschool for free. When possible, make a visit to the library and see if you can locate these materials.

6. Use the community around you

There’s a wealth of experience and wisdom among the members of your community.

Engage them sometimes when you want your kids to learn from others.

Tip: Later on, you may be able plan a quick visit to the fire station, or police station and ask them for a tour. Most people will be glad to be of assistance. The kids will be able to go on a field trip without the need to spend money.

7. Use the TV and Radio programs

Find out the TV and radio programs that are designed specifically to teach the kids about a number of things around them. Some of these stations are specifically dedicated to learning and they could be a great free resource for your kids.

Tip: The government of Ontario for example is using TVO to share educational resources.

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More Homeschooling Resources

We don’t talk about homeschooling here on the blog often, but here are a few homeschooling posts we wrote to help you on your homeschooling journey:

Can you think of any other ways to homeschool for free? Or for less?

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