In this post: So you just got a call and found out that company is coming over in an hour. Here’s how to fake a clean home when you’re strapped for time!

When last minute company calls to say they’ll be there in an hour, you have to get your house looking presentable in a hurry. But where do you start? You can’t possibly clean the whole house in that time! Here’s how to fake a clean home when you’re strapped for time!

Never fear! It takes less than 60 minutes to speed clean your house so it’s ready for company.

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How to Fake a Clean Home in Under an Hour

1. Tackle Clutter.

Maybe you have a stack of magazines sitting on your coffee table or stacks of mail on your counter. Grab a laundry basket and gather together anything that could count as clutter. Start at the front door and move through all the rooms people will be in (living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, etc.).

2. Stash-and-Go.

OK, I didn’t claim for this to be a deep cleaning or decluttering. This is just a quick once-over to get ready for company – or for when you can’t take looking at the mess for one second longer. Take your laundry basket full of clutter and stash it in a bedroom, laundry room, or basement. Anywhere where it won’t be seen. You should also shut the doors to any bedrooms or other rooms that you don’t want company to see.

3. Spray and Wash.

You will want to do a quick clean of your bathroom, counters, and stovetop. This will make sure that everything is clean and disinfected before company arrives. You will also want to clean any dishes in the sink and run the dishwasher.

4. Wipe the Surfaces.

Once again this isn’t a deep cleaning. Focus on surfaces your guests will see such as the TV, end table, coffee table, and any mirrors. Use a microfiber cloth or a slightly damp cloth to help trap and remove the dust.

5. Take Care of the Floors.

Save the mop and bucket! You don’t need to do a full mop and vacuum job. Spot clean any scuffs and spills with a damp rag or paper towel. Go over the rest of the floors (both hardwoods, tiles, and carpets) with a vacuum to pick up the loose stuff. Plus, it leaves vacuum lines in the carpet which makes guests think you have been at it all day!

6. Give it the Finishing Touch.

With minutes to spare, you are done! Put a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, a new hand towel in the kitchen, and light a candle or diffuse some essential oils.

Now it is time to relax and enjoy your company – or just time to enjoy a tidy space for point two seconds!

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Have you any tips and tricks to give your house the once over in a hurry?

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