Do you live in a small house? Do you need to make at least some of your spaces multi-functional?

We’ve never had a large house. In fact, our current house is only about 1350 square feet, with each of the last two being even smaller than that.

So much like you, we need to make spaces and rooms do double duty.

For example our current and last dining rooms have each been both a dining space and a home office space. 

black and white photo gallery wall

To make a home office in the dining room work well – in addition to a regular dining room table, think about adding a long simple desk (like above). It’s functional as a desk, stylish and easy to clear off for use as a buffet when company comes (it makes a FAB dessert bar!). With a desk in the dining room, you can still eat at the dining room table if you’re in the middle of a work project too.

home office in the dining room

Rustic farmhouse desk area

Simple storage like plain white boxes can conceal office supplies on shelves like in our old house. Or stash important files and supplies in a nearby closet like in our current house.

home office in the dining room

Do you have a home office tucked in somewhere in your house too? Have you ever thought of putting your home office in the dining room?



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  1. I like the total make over. Cozzy and very relaxing. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I think my home needed too.

    1. The brackets are from Lowe’s and there is a tutorial going up tomorrow on how we aged new pine in 3 steps!

  2. The makeover is lovely. I think you will enjoy it for a long time. Isn’t this Ontario weather terrible! Slushy snow rain and cold ug!

  3. Looks fantastic. I’m making over my office closet right now using some of the same items you used- too funny!

    1. Awesome! I find Martha’s new stuff well-made compared to other office products and they are SO pretty!

    1. Everyone could be more organized! Myself included. (I haven’t gotten to our main files yet!)

  4. Hello, well done and I love the product line. Have bought several items to get my new office at House & Home in order. I see your post was sponsored — I’ve got no problem with that, but it made me want to leave a comment because I hope your friends at Avery are reading your comments. Here’s my message to them: it drives me TOTALLY BONKERS that only some of the collection is available at some of the Staples stores and it’s like a wild goose chase to find items seen on the web site. I don’t have time to drive around to several different Staples stores. I gave up. So. frustrated.

    1. Oh Margot! I have to agree. I went to two Staples stores to find what I bought – for example, I grabbed two magazine boxes at one location and two at another. That was after calling the first location to verify they were fully stocked! So, LOVE the product, but yes, it seems to me there are loads of labels and such, but not as much storage and organizing consistently available.
      Congrats on the new office, btw! 🙂 Awesome!

  5. I’m laughing right now because as I sit here, I have a bunch of Staples bags beside me with some “infamous” Martha Stewart products peeking out. I bought those turquoise binders for tear sheets. You are inspiring me now to spend more money on those lovely white boxes. Looks good!!!

    1. That is funny – it is a great line. Just occasionally tough to find! Have fun organizing!

  6. Wow! perfect overhauled. Pleasant and relaxing to the eye. I like the color combination. Thanks that you’ve shared.

  7. I love all of your spaces are great! I’m needing to redo my home office space, and yours has given me some inspiration. Thank you!

  8. It’s good that you have an inspiration for this small home office makeover. It looks better, more organised and cosier than ever. Those file organisers may have done the trick. Thanks for sharing this to us.