In this post: Afraid you can’t decorate with something you love because some so-called expert says it’s out of style and not trendy anymore? Who care?! Here’s what I think of home decor trends. 

I have a serious bone to pick with the home decor industry. Not that you asked. ‘Cause you didn’t. But a conversation with a dear friend the other day prompted me to share what I think of home decor trends. Whether you want to know or not.

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Home Decor Trends Can Go Suck It

There I said it. And I mean it. There’s no shortage of articles online and off at the start of the year (and the middle of the year and the end of the year) telling us what’s hot and what’s not. Now I’m not talking fashion or anything else that’s admittedly seasonal or a little bit fickle.

I’m talking home decor trends. What you decorate YOUR home with. Your personal space. And very likely what you spend a decent amount of hard earned money on.

Mason Jar Lids

Who Do “They” Think They Are?

Seriously I’d like to know who these “experts” are.

Yes, yes.

They may be designers. But so am I.

They make a living making spaces look pretty. So do I.

But I’ll NEVER make you feel bad because you like something I may not.

Seriously if you love wall-to-wall shag carpeting a la 1970’s, who am I to tell you that you shouldn’t have it in your home?


I Don’t Even Remotely Follow Design Trends

Here’s the thing, I haven’t got a clue what’s trendy in home design and decor. Not a freaking clue. And do you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care what is popular, hot, “in” or fashionable when it comes to home decor.


Decorate With What YOU Love

I fully believe that your house is your house. My house is my house. I know what I like, so I decorate accordingly. Sometimes that will be “on-trend”, sometimes it won’t. But it’s my house. It’s Dean’s house. So if we love something that’s “over”, who really cares?


Why these photos?

Each one of the photos in this post represent a trend that is supposedly out. Chalkboards, mason jars, marquee lights, barn doors. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what someone else thinks is in or out!

The One Thing I think You Need to Be Careful With

So, I’m all for cheering you one while you embrace whatever style you like for your home. But, there’s one thing I’ll caution you about and that’s using something very trendy that you love in a semi-permanent way in your home. 

What I mean by that is, if you love ultra modern colors like black and red with a geometric pattern, please don’t tile that master bathroom in three different kinds of red and black geometric tile…and not update anything else in your house to coordinate. 

If you love any kind of trend or style, know that you won’t love it forever and making that kind of bold, pretty permanent statement is going to be hard on your house value…and potentially the next owner. 

Don’t Let “Them” Make YOU Feel Bad

I’m begging you. Don’t let those articles make you feel bad. Don’t let a designer tell you something is not in style anymore and therefore you can’t use it. 

If you finally saved up enough to buy that chevron, chalkboard, marquee lighted, mason jar lamp you’ve had your eye on for months, buy it! It’s YOUR money and YOUR house! Do NOT let someone else get you down because you like something they do not.

(P.S. Of course there are sometimes decor trends that come along that you and I will simply adore. In that case, here’s the secret to following decor trends without breaking the bank!)