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Hanging Cage Light from a Plug-In Light and a Wood Bracket!

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Take a regular plug-in cage light and a wood bracket to make a DIY hanging cage light.

Awhile back I purchased a pretty little cage light from Target. You know, when Target was still in Canada. Sigh. Anyway, when I first brought my little cage light home I set it on my secretary desk – and there it stayed for months.


I did eventually get an Edison-style light bulb to go with. But it still sat on the desk.

secretary desk summer

Finally the other day I figured out what I wanted to do with my little cage light!

hanging cage light

You guys, it was so easy to hang and I even used power tools! Me! Okay just one – the drill – but still I did it all by myself!

hanging cage light in the dining room

Hanging Cage Light



1. Mark the bracket holes in the appropriate place on the wall using a pencil. Use a level to make sure the bracket is level and straight.

2. Drill holes where you marked them and insert plugs (if needed).

3. Screw the bracket to the wall securely.

3. Hold the light at the height you want and then wrap the cord around and through the bracket as shown below.

Hanging Cage Light on Chalkboard Wall

4. Plug in your light, switch it on and enjoy!

This project would work with just about any bracket and any plug-in light.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a Target near you, here are a couple of cage light options:

Hooray for something small checked off my to-do list!

hanging cage pendant light

Click here to see the super easy way I drew the chalkboard wall squares – no measuring, level or ruler required!

stenciled chalkboard wall

What do you think of my easy hanging cage light? Rather industrial chic on the chalkboard wall, yes?


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  1. Shayne says

    I love the look!
    And also the “industrial” bookcase next to the
    desk, was this purchased or is there a diy tutorial
    As if I could even attemp…lol…maybe…?

  2. PIa says

    The light shade is funky and the vignette is to die for.
    I love everything about this post.

    I am SO totally going to pinch your idea of the wall design 😉

  3. Peggy says

    Now that is very chic! I love these lights. I was just showing my husband one I would like to put on our porch/laundry room. I don’t know what there is about the industrial look but I am very drawn to it. It’s a little edgy. But this light looks so charming on your chalkboard!

  4. Connie Webb says

    What design did you show regarding tge fireplace that you decorated with wood above the fireplace and then put a clock up above the fireplace.

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