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Easy Painted Globe – Be the Change!

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In this post: Love the look of hand painted globes, but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag to get one? Here’s a simple DIY painted globe that anyone can make!

I’ve long admired all those pretty hand-painted globes I’ve seen on etsy and anthropologie. But like so many other things, I thought making one myself would be more fun than just buying one. And a whole lot cheaper too!

diy painted globe dining room buffet deer head boxwood wreath

I used a globe that I found at Michaels (bought with a gift card and a coupon), but you could use any globe such as one from a thrift store or flea market.

And if the base isn’t pretty you could even paint that!

Easy Painted Globe DIY



Easy Painted Globe Supplies: globe, craft paint, foam brush, adhesive vinyl alphabet, washi tape (not shown)


1. Choose a short quote to use on your globe. I chose a shortened version of Ghandi’s quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

2. Mark out the letters you’d like to use to be sure you have enough. Either buy more letters or change your quote if necessary.

adhesive alphabet stickers

3. Apply one or two pieces of washi tape or painter’s tape to your globe at an angle that you like. This will act as a guide to place your vinyl letters.

washi tape on globe

4. Start applying the adhesive vinyl letters to the globe, using tape as a guideline for placement. Depending on how long your quote is, it may be helpful to start in the center of a line to make sure everything lines up. Be sure to press down all edges to prevent paint seeping underneath your letters.

apply vinyl letters to globe

apply vinyl letters to globe 2

5. Remove the tape, leaving the vinyl letters on the globe.

remove washi tape

only vinyl letters

6. Using a small amount of paint (remove excess on a piece of paper towel), start to paint the globe going over the vinyl letters carefully. Paint the rest of the globe too. Let dry.

apply black paint

dab paint on paper towel

paint over vinyl letters

7. Repeat Step 6 if necessary.

8. While paint is still damp, gently peel off the vinyl letters to reveal the globe beneath.

peel off vinyl letters

peel off vinyl letters 2

letters peeled off painted globe

9. Touch up any paint as necessary.

Be the change painted globe

handpainted globe

Do you like hand painted globes? Have you any of your own? Did you DIY them or buy them?

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