Last week I shared my first Silhouette project with you when I showed you how to make yourself a ‘Pumpkins’ Wood Sign with a Silhouette-cut stencil.

Today I’d like to show you another cute little project made with my new toy Silhouette…

Goodbye Vinyl Door Decal

We’ve had a vinyl decal that says “hello” on the outside of our front door for about a year or so. (Never mind the Christmas wreath, it’s an old photo!)

hello vinyl door decal |

Subsequently, we’ve had many friends ask where the goodbye sign was when they were leaving.

Well here it is!



  • Silhouette vinyl & transfer paper*
  • Silhouette hook*
  • Silhouette scraper*
  • Silhouette Cameo

*Alternately you could just pick up the Silhouette Vinyl Starter Kit. It contains all you need to get started with Vinyl on your Silhouette.



1. In Silhouette Studio in the Page Settings Window create a page size of 9″ wide by 5″ tall. Make it landscape and check the Show Cut Lines box.

2. Using the Text tool, type the word “goodbye“.

3. In the Text Styles Window, change the font to Script MT Bold, 160 pt.

4. Center in the Cut Lines.

vinyl door decal in silhouette studio

5. Go to Cut Settings. Select Standard, Cut and Vinyl as your options.

6. Adjust rollers on Cameo to hold 9″ Vinyl material, following directions on your machine.

7, Load Vinyl into machine.

8.Choose Send to Silhouette in Silhouette Studio software, making sure you’ve adjusting the blade accordingly.

vinyle decal before

9. Once cut, remove excess vinyl (the edging).

weeding vinyl

10. Using the hook, remove the centers of the letters.

vinyl done

11. Apply transfer paper. Rub with the scraper to be sure it is adhered well.

transer paper

12. Remove (blue) backing from vinyl. Your “goodbye” will appear in reverse on the transfer paper.

13. Apply to door and rub with Silhouette scraper.


14. Gently peel away transfer paper, pressing vinyl “goodbye” to door with fingers as necessary.


And voila! A simple goodbye to wish your guests farewell as they leave your house!

Does your house have any quirky little things that are so “you”? Have you made any fun signs lately?

* This post sponsored by Silhouette. All opinions and creative ideas are my own.
shannon sign off

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